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Author Topic: FTP - Bad IP connecting  (Read 2601 times)

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FTP - Bad IP connecting
« on: October 06, 2009, 02:05:20 am »

just wanted to ask if any of u guys encountered the same alert message i got when connecting to an external FTP site using a web browser or FTP client (Filezilla)... some sites are fine, i can login anonymously and download files from them... but some sites give me an Alert message saying "425 Security: Bad IP connecting."... i googled the alert message and some say that it's a router/firewall issue.. but some say that it's vsftpd or other ftp server config issue...

im not running any internal FTP server, for now... i just want a decent outgoing ftp connection from my internal network to external ftp sites...

any ideas on this?

thank you very much...