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Author Topic: freebsd 9.1 host + virtualbox + pfsense .ova vm; wireless AP setup?  (Read 1686 times)

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Hello folks, I'm curious to know if anyone else has experience setting up a similar trio. I wanted to set up an AP/Wifi network through pfsense vm but having dificulty understanding the relationship of wifi adapter ath0 on my freebsd host, with, 5 virtual ethernet adapters given as choices in bridged mode in virtualbox. I tried a few combinations of those choices with ath0 and wlan0 without any luck, pfsense just wouldn't see a wifi adapter.

my lan and wan ethernet adapters are working flawlessly in bridged mode and i'm quite happy with this set up......except that i have no wifi for my other devices; I wanted to use my tp-link b/g/n pci wifi adapter as an AP thru pfsense but can't figure out how to...I could set up an AP on the freebsd host as a last resort...but i'm curious if it is at all possible with a pfsense vm?

I went through a few searches on google but couldn't find anything conclusive...wondering if this helps.


ps: this might also be something to do with my lack of bsd knowledge...etc. anyone knows why this process is chewing up so much cpu in pfsense VM, I used an .ova file imported in virtualbox. PID 12 stays at around 25% during no activity and takes up more cpu with activity. If I reboot pfsense vm it helps but only for few hours.

11 root     171 ki31     0K     8K RUN    168:53 60.99% idle
12 root     -32    -     0K   104K WAIT    63:15 32.96% {swi4: clock}

at the same time; CPU on freebsd host (AMD64 Opteron 185) reports;

5020 myuser       21  20    0  1404M  1158M VBoxIS  0  64:39 15.38% VirtualBox
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I don't think VirtualBox can pass it through in any way that would allow pfSense to control it.

You would need PCI Passthrough, which seems to only work with VirtualBox on Linux.
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Hi Jim, thanks for the reply. Now I can sleep better :)

I wonder if there are other ways to accomplish the similar? I wanted to repurpose my old desktop not just as a firewall/router but a media server as well. I'll try looking into Xen or Linux+VBox+pfSense and see if PCI passthrough works that way.