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Title: Mtecknology be power tripping in your IRC room
Post by: sheptard on December 09, 2017, 02:37:57 am
01:17:28 < Haris> hello all
01:17:28 < Haris> guys!
01:17:37 < mybalzitch> what about the women
01:17:40 < Haris> pfsense pages don't open correctly on mobile set
01:17:46 < mybalzitch> mobile set?
01:17:51 < mybalzitch> pfsense pages? what are those
01:18:01 < Haris> Google/Motorolla Nexus 6
01:18:18 < mybalzitch> alright, thats the mobile device you are using
01:18:29 < Haris> I can't reach or scroll to status -> Traffic graph when page is opened on mobile set
01:18:39 < mybalzitch> okay I see what you mean now
01:18:43 < Haris> there's no option to scroll in menu on the mobile set, even on a 6" screen
01:18:51 < mybalzitch> I have a different phone, but I use the chrome browser as well
01:18:57 < mybalzitch> let me check
01:20:31 < mybalzitch> okay, by scroll in menu, you mean being able to look through the other choices in the menu button, while on the status -> traffic graph ?
01:21:52 < Haris> no
01:21:53 < Haris> status menu in lengthy
01:22:03 < Haris> in mobile set, page doesn't scroll till the Traffic Graph option
01:22:12 < Haris> it stops mid way in the menu
01:23:36 < mybalzitch> that's what I see on that page
01:23:55 < Haris> for e.g., I can't see past the IPSec or Load Balancer or Monitoring option(s) from the menu
01:23:57 < mybalzitch> I was able to scroll down to get to the traffic graph choice as well
01:24:03 < Haris> hmm
01:25:06 < Haris> how were you able to scroll down till that option ?
01:25:13 < Haris> that's iOS platform ?
01:25:20 < Haris> I'm on android
01:25:25 < Haris> in chrome
01:27:19 < mybalzitch> not iOS
01:27:26 < mybalzitch> its a galaxy s8+ with the chrome browser
01:28:03 < Haris> can you show the status menu in open state ? or can you tell how you were able to see the later option(s) in the menu ? I can't see or reach them in
01:28:19 < mybalzitch>
01:28:21 < mybalzitch> thats what I use
01:28:26 <@MTecknology> None of this has anything to do with pfsense.
01:28:45 < mybalzitch> MTecknology: ....
01:29:19 < Haris> reaching or not being able to reach an option on pfsense is an app related stuff
01:29:21 -!- mhoungbo [~mhoungbo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
01:29:27 -!- mybalzitch was kicked from #pfsense by MTecknology [no worries.. bye now]

We were nicely discussing what could be a problem with rendering parts of the pfsense website on mobile devices.

M'teck'nology felt the need to butti n and police the productive conversation for whatever reason.

This is blatant abuse of mod powers.
Title: Re: Mtecknology be power tripping in your IRC room
Post by: ivor on December 09, 2017, 07:34:46 am
Thank you for bringing this up. I'm sorry you or others have had bad experience. Thank you.