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Title: PC xbox networking open NAT HELP NEEDED
Post by: Pseudonym0011 on March 06, 2018, 06:26:20 pm
I will start by saying that I have been able to get all of the consoles in the house (4 Xbox ones, a PS4, and a Nintendo Switch) on an open NAT by creating a static port for each system and enabling UPnP. In order to get the Xbox Ones to coexist, I had to manually select the port for it to use within each xbox's settings.

Using the same method of creating a static IP and static port for my PC, I was able to get my NAT type for XBOX Networking (and Destiny 2) from a strict state to moderate.

Ideally I would like to get my system's NAT type to open.

*Important Notes*
I do not have any manual port forward rules created.
I used the wizard to create a basic traffic shaping rule prioritizing game traffic and de-prioritizing peer to peer connections.( I am aware that some games still use peer to peer connections for multiplayer.)
Outbound NAT is Hybrid.