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Hardware / Re: Asus N3050I-C for OpenVPN (100MBIT WAN)
« on: April 25, 2016, 02:49:29 pm »
Perhaps a PC Engines APU or APU2 Board or bundle (PSU & case & Board) would be realizing this for you.

Could you please expand on why you think the APU2 would be better? To me it seems to have much slower performance on paper?

The apu2 sports an AMD GX-412TC which clocks in at 1200MHz.
While the Intel n3150 clocks in at 1600MHz, and goes up to 2080MHz with turbo.

This is an honest question, I really wonder, because I am trying to make this exact decision myself.
(Although I am looking at Jetway boards with mutliple NIC's, not Asus (With the cost of the extra NIC you're basically paying the same as a multi NIC board).).

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