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Mine were out of order too and I had to swich them using Option 2 on th PfSence unit. Used the MAC to figure out the order. Mine was ordered 1, 4, 2, 3.

Mine were also out of order. igb0 is 1 and igb1 is 4.

What is this "Option 2" method you speak of for changing them?

Same here for NICs, exactly same order.

Thanks, didn't know about these converters, will save me some money. With regards to LAN ports, can you please tell me which number did you assign to Windows? I assume it should be 1, or maybe it doesn't matter. I'm on Virgin Media 200/10 and would use only 2 of the LAN ports, 1 for Windows and 2 for LAN, which will go to my R7000 LAN 1.

I also bought the same box from Qotom. It arrived today, pre-configured with 8 GB (Kingston branded) and 120 GB m.2 SSD (Phison branded).
Tried to install pfSense 2.3.3. I only have a TV that supports HDMI, so I could not see the whole text, especially at the bottom where is asks you to configure the various steps. So obviously I could not configure to my liking.
Just wanted to ask: is there a specific order for the 4 LAN ports to attach the WAN cable and the LAN? I used LAN1 for WAN and LAN2 for LAN (I attached a Netgear R7000 with stock firmware acting as Access Point and had IP I could not get to the GUI of pfSense at (neither with http or https).
So I guess I will need to buy a monitor with HDMI port to be able to configure pfSense.
Any help, or ideas, is appreciated.

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