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Top reading is PEAK and bottom reading is AVERAGE? A VM will impose overhead and/or allocate PART of the resource to one VM, not the whole shebang u wish. :)  Maybe this is configurable but there are so many VM out there, I wouldn't know where to tell u to click.

Hardware / Re: link problem on 10 gbit nic
« on: Today at 12:32:54 pm »
LOL. That NIC maybe TOO advanced! :)

DHCP and DNS / Re: SG-1000 not getting DHCP lease on WAN
« on: Today at 11:55:42 am »
It looks good, but dealing with an unknown SG1000 and you being in a hotel means there is no extra equipment/tools to do any troubleshooting, I'd just live with Windows software firewall for a few days.

Am thinking incompatible HTTP, browser needs updating, does it happen to all sites, or only certain sites?

Am also thinking MTU Ethernet packets being forcibly broken up but I've only seen this on PPPoE.

General Questions / Re: VLAN question
« on: Yesterday at 05:45:21 pm »
and a TPLink SG108E
TP-Link switches, at least the cheap ones, don't handle VLANs properly.

That makes me feel better. Was contemplating whether to give them another $14 to go from a dumb to a web managed with VLAN, but decided to save$ and wait for until I really need the new features.

DHCP and DNS / Re: Inability to get DHCP ? No Carrier -- SOLVED.
« on: Yesterday at 05:28:28 pm »
It's obvious someone doesn't know what they're doing.

Nah, I wager is one of those just doing enough the get by. Contractor didn't want the hassle to run a new cable, so use old one with 1/2 pairs. this puppy is gonna come up again at upgrade time, hope the cable is outside of DMARC (ISP responsibility) 'cuz if it's inside, customer's expense to fix/upgrade.

DHCP and DNS / Re: SG-1000 not getting DHCP lease on WAN
« on: Yesterday at 05:15:58 pm »
Is this related to this bug?I don't rate my chances on the hotel adjusting their infrastructure or checking cables to get this working.

U must be new in China because a famous Chinese saying translates to, "Can't do, no available solution."  which enrage most Westerners accustomed to "anything is possible."

Ya, check Link State dude. I assume this SG1000 is known to be good.

DHCP and DNS / Re: Inability to get DHCP ? No Carrier -- SOLVED.
« on: Yesterday at 01:32:22 pm »
Yup, cutting corners without a full CAT cable will cause this. Netgate will be glad to know not a SG box problem. :)

DHCP and DNS / Re: Maximum of dhcp servers?
« on: Yesterday at 12:02:18 pm »
33 DHCP? must be a maintenance nightmare.

General Questions / Re: WebServer behind PFSsense
« on: Yesterday at 11:40:27 am »
As well the server Behind PFSense can't connect to Internet.

Well, that's glaring problem#1. That's like step#0.  Go through those links given I guess see what's wrong.

Once you can get out, THEN LAN-to-LAN test the server (not even going through FW), then once that's working THEN do the "make a hole on the FW" or setup DMZ.

Well unless pFsense keeps the changes in a buffer and don't apply them until the next reboot of the services, I would had assume stop-car-to-change-tire may sometimes be necessary and normal?

DHCP and DNS / Re: Inability to get DHCP ? No Carrier
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:40:41 pm »
Is there a way for me to determine what protocol the line is running 10 or 100 or 1000baseF ? 

Unfortunately, the LED status lights are not universal, have to consult the manuals for exact meaning if they are not clearly labeled nearby.  Generally, yes light Good, all dark No-Good.

SG3100... amazing these days and age still dealing with negotiation issue.

1000baseF as in FIBER? Once you have RJ45, the "fiber" component is gone. Everything inside your place is baseT, as in Twisted Pairs CAT cablings and jacks.  Anywhoo, think we are zero-ing the NICs speed/duplex negotiation component.  Got a CROSSOVER ethernet cable laying around?

My outdated knowledge of Cisco vaguely recall such HELPER feature, can always google it and find out exactly what it does then attempt to replicate in your environment. Things to also look at NETBIOS, NETBIOS OVER TCP/IP, WINS. 

DHCP and DNS / Re: Inability to get DHCP ? No Carrier
« on: March 21, 2018, 11:44:08 pm »
Highly unlikely these days of auto-MDIX but what do the RJ45 ports say, do you have a layer-2 hand shake? (Link State Up).

Basic of networking is, even before IP (layer-3), Ethernet Layer-2 should be up, this is basic NIC to NIC, WE SEE EACH OTHER.

Firewalling / Re: Internet Schedule...Help
« on: March 21, 2018, 11:30:12 pm »
Somebody need to write a friendly parental control front-end package to hide all the complexity.

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