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I setup pfSense 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 running on a Parallels VM on a Mac Mini running on Sierra with dual NIC's. I am running pfSense on a different pc (my actual firewall) as well. I copied the config from the actual firewall to the VM.

When I check my laptop IP address on the firewall, everything works properly, and shows my IP as a PIA IP. When I shut down the actual firewall and replace it with the Mac Mini VM and check the IP, it keeps showing my ISP IP address, not the PIA VPN address. The WAN and LAN show the proper IP addresses in the dashboard, as well as my PIA VPN connection is up.

Has anyone encountered this? Any ideas what I need. to do to fix this?

OpenVPN / PIA, OpenVPN and pfSense. Has anyone got AES256 to work yet?
« on: December 13, 2015, 03:01:00 pm »
Spent hours on google and this forum. A few have tried with the PIA patch that is out, but I can't find anyone who actually has it working.

If anybody got the SHA256/AES256 settings working, please post here how you achieved it.


OpenVPN / A question about pfSense, WiFi calling and OpenVPN.
« on: December 08, 2015, 12:46:09 pm »
If all my network traffic goes through an OpenVPN connection, would that essentially mean my WiFi calls are encrypted as well?

Just asking.

OpenVPN / Can't view Youtube when using PIA VPN connection
« on: February 24, 2014, 07:16:15 pm »
I have a Netgate FW 7541 with pfSense 2.1. PIA is setup to route all traffic over the VPN. Some time ago I became unable to watch Youtube video's when using PIA VPN. About a week ago it worked for a day, then stopped again. If I stop the VPN service on the firewall youtube immediately works fine.

Any ideas what the problem could be? I've stopped and restarted the VPN connection numerous times to get different IP's and that doesn't help. I tried using routing to send the youtube traffic over the regular GW_WAN and that doesn't work either.

I'm stumped.

OpenVPN / How do I create or copy a file to /etc?
« on: February 12, 2014, 09:07:55 pm »
Just upgraded to 2.1 on my FW 7541. Since File Manager does not work on 2.1 I can't get a couple files I need for OpenVPN to the /etc folder.

Can anyone tell me how I can copy a file from my Mac to that folder, or create a new text file there?

Or if anyone has some good instructions for setting up OpenVPN on 2.1 that could work also. I dug around here and Google but could not find anything quite up to date for 2.1. I use PIA if it matters and had it setup fine on 2.0.3.


Packages / Errors in File Manager...
« on: August 28, 2013, 09:39:08 am »
On my Netgate 7541, I updated today to the lastest RC.

2.1-RC1 (amd64)
built on Tue Aug 27 16:56:18 EDT 2013
FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p10

When I install and go to the /etc folder, these errors appear at the top of the window:

Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /etc/aliases in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/file_manager.php on line 327 Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /etc/aliases in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/file_manager.php on line 329 Warning: fileperms(): stat failed for /etc/aliases in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/rbfminc/functions.php on line 36 Warning: fileperms(): stat failed for /etc/aliases in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/rbfminc/functions.php on line 64 Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /etc/rmt in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/file_manager.php on line 327 Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /etc/rmt in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/file_manager.php on line 329 Warning: fileperms(): stat failed for /etc/rmt in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/rbfminc/functions.php on line 36 Warning: fileperms(): stat failed for /etc/rmt in /usr/local/www/packages/filemgr/rbfminc/functions.php on line 64

I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the package as well as just the XML and still get the same error each time. It worked fine in 2.0.3.

Any ideas what I can do to repair it?

I have a Netgate FW-7541. I am trying to setup 2.0.3 on a hard drive. I followed this guide:
to the letter, doing the install with a laptop booted off a CD running pfSense-LiveCD-2.0.3-RELEASE-amd64.iso.gz. I changed the fstab and all seems well.

I install the drive in the unit and when it boots, it gets to the Welcome to pfSense screen, counts down from 3 and stays at zero. I can only administer and watch things on the Netgate through the console, and when I press 1 or any other choice at the above menu, nothing happens.

Any idea why it does not continue to boot up past that screen?

I have tried a quick and custom install on several different drives. They all stop at the same place.

Edit - I also tried installing it on the HD using both different kernels. The embedded kernel didn't even boot.


DHCP and DNS / Nothing working on Opt ports 1 - 5?
« on: August 10, 2013, 10:11:35 am »

New user of pfSense here. I have a brand new Netgate FW-7541 running 2.0.3p1-RELEASE (amd64).

After having to do a reset to factory defaults by telnet through the console, the only ports working are the WAN and LAN. Opt 1 through 5 have been enabled in the interface, and I selected DHCP, but a pc connected to them has no LAN or Internet access.

I am simply trying to get them to function the same as the LAN port. I've scoured the forum here for 2 days and read the Docs, but I just can't get it to work.

Can someone give me simple instructions how to get those ports working?

Go easy on me.

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