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I have a fresh 2.2 install on a KVM guest. The host has two physical network interfaces (bridges), one LAN, one connected to my ISP router (LAN side of the router, so pfSense WAN side is a private network). pfSense has two virtio interfaces. I understand this setup causes double NAT, but I have no choice, my ISP does not allow other equipment or config changes to their router.

The following fails:
- Clients cannot reach the internet, no traffic gets passed. Ping DOES work however, see below!
- pfSense console: telnet <ISP router LAN ip> 80 > no connection, seems pfSense itself cannot do anything but ping hosts
- pfSense console: telnet <any webserver> 80 > no connection

The following all works:
- I can reach the webconfig via the LAN
- LAN clients can ping everything, using pfSense as their gateway, all the way to (!)
- pfSense can ping everything, all the way to and everything on the LAN
- Clients connected directly to the ISP router can access the internet just fine

The following config checks look OK to me:
- Firewall rules are clean, default (allow LAN to access everything. automatic NAT)
- Private networks are not blocked, bogon networks are not blocked on the WAN interface
- Gateway (ISP router LAN side) is the default and only gateway and is UP
- Double-checked IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways address.

Version: 2.2-RELEASE, built on Thu Jan 22 14:04:25 CST 2015

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