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General Questions / Brand new SG2440, 503 error on web gui
« on: April 04, 2015, 03:02:00 pm »
Got a brand new SG2440 Friday, finally had a chance to try it out today.  Was able to connect to the web gui once, now getting continual 503 service unavailable errors.  Hooked up serial console, get the standard menu, option 16 to restart php-fpm, errors on "no group wheel".  Dr Google offers some advice, go to look at /etc/group and /etc/passwd, /etc/master.passwd and intead of text files, they are some text and some binary.  file /etc/passwd returns "data".  /etc/master.passwd looks to be partially crontab, a couple lines of /etc/group.  Other files in /etc look odd,  crontab looks like mostly /etc/group, master.passwd has crontab plus binary data. 
Any ideas other than download pfsense to memstick and reinstall?


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