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Feedback / Design Elements
« on: November 13, 2017, 02:49:16 pm »
I know it's my personal opinion, but here goes:

The new login page is terrible. Bring back the old one, there was nothing wrong with it.

Secondly, the entire thing has been black, grey and red for it's entire life cycle, and now it has a blue favorite icon and blue links everywhere. Why? No bueno.

Traffic Shaping / Limiters not working correctly at higher speeds
« on: October 22, 2015, 12:48:43 pm »

I've setup limiters for up and down for a client.

Down being 30mb and up being 15mb.

I've added a firewall rule for the LAN interface for this client so that their specific ip address gets the advanced settings of in/out (up/down).

This works well for 2mb/1mb and other speeds, however, when I increase the limits in size, I can't hit the speeds specified.

I do a speed test without the limiter on the client, I get 55 down and 26 up. I turn on the 30mb down/15mb up limiter, and I hit 21mb down and 10mb up.

I've played with the speed settings and can overcompensate for whatever it be (overhead, cpu, memory) by adjusting the speeds to grossly overcompensate for it (30mb down being setup as 114mb down to hit 30mb down).

I also read I can increase the queue size to help with higher speeds (I set it to 40000) and that seemed to help the 30mb up and 15mb down, however, when pfsense went through it's nightly reboot, it came back up and no one could load anything until I disabled the rules for limiters. I later found someone had posted you can set this to anything you want, but a value higher than 100 would cause it to error out silently and not work.

My problem as I see it is that the limiters aren't working correctly, and I'm not sure if it's a misconfiguration issue, or it's a problem with pfsense itself. I'm on 2.2.4, running on a proxmox host. If I turn the rule off, the client sees the full extent of their possible bandwidth using their connection method, but once I put the limiters in place, that's when everything rolls south.

Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

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