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General Questions / Crash on 2.2.6 on Hyper-V
« on: May 03, 2016, 10:42:47 am »
Hi I just logged in to our master firewall node and saw it had crashed and rebooted. The crash report will have been submitted from between midnight and 3AM UTC on 1st May 2016.

There is at least one reference to the syncer process but I'm really not sure I'm looking at the right thing. Pfsense is running as a Hyper-V VM.

CARP/VIPs / Adding 250 Virtual IPs
« on: January 29, 2016, 10:57:53 am »

We've recently moved to pfsense for all our new networks for our SAAS platform. It's working really well for us and gives us a lot more flexibility than the old Juniper SSG units we were using.

For a new environment that we have recently deployed, I need to add most of a /24 as virtual IPs. Looking at the various options, I think they'll have to be IP aliases. We're using CARP for failover, and I don't think the 'other' option will work as these IPs are accessible directly. not routed to a single WAN IP etc.

I've added a handful that we needed before the platform went live, but unfortunately it was rushed in to production because of a serious hardware failure in a legacy DC. My colleague has scripted the required XML as there appears to be no way to bulk add IP Aliases. Before we look at testing it and then finally adding the config, does anyone have any experience with this many IP Aliases? This is going to add around 250 addresses to the WAN interface. Would that be of any concern?

A reasonable number of them will be used in an outgoing NAT pool. I assume that should work OK? I can create an alias for the range and then use it in a NAT rule I believe.


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