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Im subscribed to a ISP that lease static IP via PPPoE. And to get the 3 static IP's that I need, I have to login to each PPP credential that my ISP gave me.

Is it possible to have some sort of 2 or more virtual interface that is binded to a single NIC? Since I need a multiple interface that have different mac address on each interface. In linux I can do this using the ip link add command using the macvlan kernel module, with that I can have as many as interface (virtual) I want in single NIC with each of them had their own mac address, and I was able to get all the 3 static IP in this way. But im clueless about freebsd, if is this even possible.

I can do a workaround with 6 port NIC but that's dumb since im connected to same ISP and concentrating them on single cable would be great, since its only 300/300 mbit connection.

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