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General Questions / How To Remotely Access Router WebGUI ?
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:58:06 pm »
I have been searching for a solution to access my client's router from outside of their office. [such as from home]  Almost like using Team Viewer to a PC.  But I have yet to find a proper solution.  Also wanting to gain the access to the Web GUI.  I have the WAN Gateway address, and I was pretty sure I have to open a port for that.

Does anyone do this and what is your solution?

General Questions / How To Setup Multiple Subnets
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:51:53 pm »
I am running 2.4.2 version.  I would like to setup 2 subnets, such as 192.168.1.x and 50.x.

Do I need 2 LAN interface cards?  And If I get 2 subnets working, can they still communicate to each other?  Such as connecting a PC or Mac to a printer?

Traffic Shaping / How to Modify QoS for a Single Internal IP Address
« on: January 10, 2017, 07:20:33 pm »
We are looking to connect our company from Los Angeles to our other office in another city.  But we need to setup only 1 computer to have control of 60% of the bandwidth for a single day.

The company line has 100up/100dn from the ISP.  So we need 60ms to be used for this single computer.  I realize we are talking about upload speed on my end, and at the other office they will be working on the download side because we are transmitting to them.

I am working with the latest pfSense version, 2.3.2.  What would be the best method to achieve this goal?

General Questions / Changing Router IP and DHCP Blocked Internet Access
« on: December 24, 2016, 04:14:49 pm »
We have a router with the typical IP of and DHCP scope that matches.

I wanted to change the subnet from 1.x to 50.x [per client request due to VPN issues].  I changed the router IP to 50.1, changed the DHCP scope to 50.x range.  The router is leasing out new addresses under 50.x.  I made sure to restart all AP units just for good measure.  But now the Internet is not accessible. I finally got to restart the ISP modem, no change. 

I checked on a few items, made sure the DNS servers are the same as before.  At this point I only noticed the WAN gateway screen showed Status as OffLine [to Megapath].  I forgot to capture that screen.

I restored the router settings with the backup config file until we can figure it out.

Any ideas?

I am starting to build my first PfSense box.  2 NICs installed.  I finally got the 2.3 installation to work.  Now I'm on the GUI and checking some of the settings.  Both Ethernet cables are connected from my small office network, this will eventually be at a client but for now just a test system.

THE PROBLEM.  When I have my laptop connected via Ethernet, the Internet works fine.  But when I use only WIFI, it does not.  I'm not sure why that makes a difference.  I am connecting to the WiFi AP, but no Internet that way.

interface setup: (via shell)
      LAN vmx0 192.168.1.x /24
      WAN vmx1 

Any Help ?

DHCP and DNS / Can I Change DHCP Subnet range but not router IP
« on: December 12, 2016, 11:35:31 pm »
I have a client that needs to have their DHCP pool addressing be changed from 192.168.1.x range to 192.168.50.x range. 

Can I do this without changing the IP of on the router/admin panel itself? 

ver 2.2.3 [needs upgrade to 2.3.3]

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