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General Questions / pfSense Gold & AutoConfigBackup
« on: February 06, 2018, 02:51:38 pm »

I would appreciate your advice on the following matter:

a) I was a pfSense Gold subscriber in 2017-2018 and was backing up 2 pfSense hosts;

b) the subscription has expired 2 weeks ago and after that one of those pfSense hosts has died;

c) I ordered a new  SG-3100 which will be here in several days, it comes with  a one year subscription to pfSense Gold;

My question is what should I do in order to be able to restore the previously saved config on the remote backup pfSense server to my new  SG-3100. I can renew the expired subscription right now and it will cover up to 10  hosts. But will I be able to get access to the previously saved backups after several weeks of inactivity?  If not then I would rather not to renew the subscription because the configuration has not changed for the last year - at all.
On the other hand, I am getting a new   SG-3100, pfSense Gold (which covers another 10 hosts) included. If I renew the subscription right away then it will be overkill since it will allow me to backup up to 20 hosts while I don't need it.


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