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General Questions / Vm-network conecting to home network
« on: January 01, 2018, 02:58:54 pm »
Hi Guys,

I new with all this pfsense stuff, and it give me a headache... i tried a couple of times but what i do it want work :(

what try to do:

Home network 192.168.0.x (TP-LINK Archer C7 v1)
Vm-network  10.0.0.x (LAN site of pfSense box)

what i have is a server running esxi 6.0.x with a default setup pfsence box..

WAN to my home network & my LAN with DHCP to 10.0.0.x

on my LAN site i have client Win8.1 and everything is working the machine is able to go to internet..
but i also have synology NAS on my home network with all my files and  i like to acccess this files with my vm-client...

can you guys tell me what i have to do to get access to my files?

i know i have to make a route, i tried did not work :(

see attachment for network in vm

i found kinda some topic...

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