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General Questions / Firewall logs entries only display the last minute
« on: March 04, 2018, 02:04:25 pm »
I am struggling to come up with an answer and it must be something obvious.

I have a pair of PFSense with CARP, and after getting everything up and running the logs for the firewall are timing out entries after 60 seconds.  So most the time when I go into the Firewall logs, I have a few lines, or nothing.  Each entry disappears from the Web GUI front end after 60 seconds.  It appears that it is a mixed bag.  System shows items older than 60 seconds, and so does open VPN, but load balancer does not.

I have set all the setting back to default that I know of, but I do not see anything based on time.  clog -f filter.log show entries much older than 60 seconds.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?


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