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Firstly pfBlockerNG is very powerful and I wish to commend the developer for his work. I don't see how one person is able to manage development and maintenance of such a package for free ...

I just had an issue where I added North America IPv4 selections from GeoIP and the update process completed successfully.  Moments later a screen notification flashed on the WEBGui indicating bad characters in the NAmerica filter set. Then I looked at the rules tables for all interfaces and they had vanished.

Unfortunately I did not pay enough attention at the time to message, and can't find the log file it would reside in under /var/log on pfSense

So my questions are how are we validating downloaded data sets for integrity ?  Would a form of sand boxing be beneficial ? 

Does MaxMind provide a checksum file for downloads so a developer could easily run hashes on the downloads as an initial integrity check. 

Is there a undiscovered bug in the update filter command ?  Is it possible to turn on verbose logging for the filter update and log it somewhere ?

Is there a command available to the filter update utility which globally deletes all rules ?

Thanks in Advance

Installation and Upgrades / All pass rules appear disabled
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:53:37 pm »
I am running into a situation where pass rules on every LAN interface become invisible to traffic and the only effective rule is the final one, which is a block. I am several weeks into this issue and have run out of ideas ....

Initially I could resolve this by removing PFBlockerNG. Eventually I stopped using PFBlocker .... But today with PFBlockerNG being not installed it happened again while I was reading my email (

Until today I could resolve the problem by performing a factory reset and then restoring my previous configuration, except for today. That has not worked. And WAN traffic is not passing either for unbound, for the first time as well

I have a Netgate SG2440 and now also a Netgate C2758 - same problem doesn't matter what machine.

I have been using PFSense on Netgate hardware since January of 2016 - Never needed to ask for help till now.

Posting this without firewall protection - which I desperately need.

One wrinkle I am concerned about is this - I sent in a USB stick of mine to Sentinel One and they documented a significant threat on it. So I don't think it's unreasonable to believe this is not a failure of PFSense or Netgate but a real exploit in the software.

How do I reload from the command line, all the operating system files on the device ?

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