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Hi everyone,

Set up a new pfSense 2.4.2 VM under KVM/QEMU on Ubuntu LTS (64-bit) w/2 vCPUs, 2GB RAM, 10GB SATA disk and 1x e1000 NIC - i.e. no virtio devices).

e1000 "WAN" gets IP via DHCP from local DHCP.

Problem #1: System consistently hangs at "Starting DNS Resolver" when NIC is "connected" at boot
  • if plain, straight-forward install from ISO and reboot, WAN is configured, but sysytem hangs at "Starting DNS Resolver"
  • if NIC is "disconnected" (at hypervisor), boot completes (after slight delay at bringing up WAN and "Starting DNS Resolver"), then system operates as normal (up to a point - read below) when NIC is reconnected (i.e. web configuration wizard although it also hangs at the last "redirect" step) - note that DNS Resolver services shows as "not started" after a forced reboot (while repeating the whole "NIC disconnect, reconnect dance")
  • renaming /usr/local/sbin/unbound* "solves" the hang, but then I cannot disable it via web UI (complains about missing unbound-checkconf)

Problem #2: Attempting to disable "DNS Resolver" (i.e. unbound) via web UI consistently fails when "Save" button is clicked (nginx reports "504 Gateway Time-out")

Any ideas?

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