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Cache/Proxy / Re: Install squid package without internet access directly
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:17:57 pm »
Finally, i resolved my problem.

I downloaded the repository to a computer, later i install an apache server and put inside the repositoty.
With Winscp yo must connect to pfsense server and modify the file: pfsense-Repo.conf  in /usr/local/share/pfSense and /usr/local/share/pfSense/pkg/repos . Change https by http and put in tha line your apache site ip

FreeBSD: { enabled: no }

pfSense-core: {
  url: "pkg+http://YOUR APACHE IP/pfSense_v2_3_4_amd64-core",
  mirror_type: "srv",
  signature_type: "fingerprints",
  fingerprints: "/usr/local/share/pfSense/keys/pkg",
  enabled: yes

pfSense: {
  url: "pkg+http://YOUR APACHE IP/pfSense_v2_3_4_amd64-pfSense_v2_3_4",
  mirror_type: "srv",
  signature_type: "fingerprints",
  fingerprints: "/usr/local/share/pfSense/keys/pkg",
  enabled: yes

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Install new packages in pfsense 2.34
« on: September 05, 2017, 04:22:24 pm »
Thanks for your reply. In the first case once without internet I was able to update it. Change the path of the repository in /usr/local/share/pfSense/pkg/repos/pfSense-repo.conf and download the entire repository from the internet and copy it to a local folder to which I point the pfsense and manage to update it. But it was in an earlier version of PFsense. Now it does not work for me.

In the second case in previous versions there was an option in PFsense to be able to change the download path and existed to add a proxy if we were behind one. I can not put myself in front of the proxy because it is very above my company.

Thank you

I will continue testing until it works

Espaņol / Instalacion de nuevos paquetes en la version 2.34
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:10:14 pm »
Hola a todos, soy nuevo en el uso del pfsense y tengo algunas dudas referentes al tema.

No tengo acceso a internet completo , por tamto, como logro instalar el snort, squid y otros sin acceso, como puedo crear mi propio repositorio. He visto muchos ejemplos, pero las opciones que permiten cambiar el camino en el menu referente a los paquetes no esta o no la encuentro en la version 2.34.
Por otra parte como unico puedo acceder a internet es detras de un proxy pero con autenticacion mediante usuario y dominio. Pudieran darme la solucion para ambas variantes?


Installation and Upgrades / Install new packages in pfsense 2.34
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:00:56 pm »
Hello to everybody.

I am new in a pfsense

I don't have full internet access and i want to install some packages like snort, squid in my server. I have been looking like doing it in version 2.34 but nothing appears for the same and is very different in the menu of the previous ones.

How can i make my own repository?

And another question:

If i am behind a proxy server with user and domain authentication, hoy can i upgrade or install some package?


Cache/Proxy / Install squid package without internet access directly
« on: September 15, 2016, 01:19:21 pm »
hello to everybody

I am a beginner in pfsense.

I want to install squid package in pfsense or another , but when i tried to access to the package list i can't see anything, the pfsense gui says that it can't find available package.

My ISP provider have a proxy over my network

Espaņol / Squid sin internet directo
« on: September 15, 2016, 01:03:53 pm »
Saludos a todos.

Estoy recien comenzando con pfsense, ya lo instale y configure hasta ciertos limites, peor quiero montar el squid, no tengo internet directamente, dependo de un proveedor que tiene un proxy instalado, por tanto al entrar a la opcion de agregar un nuevo paquete (el squid) no me encuentra ningun paquete disponible, como puedo hacer para que se vean y asi poder instalar el squid o se puede montar de otro modo sin esa opcion?


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