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Official pfSense Hardware / SG-3100 Low Upstream Throughput
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:28:17 am »
I can't debug a throughput problem on a SG-3100 running 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1.

I have a 250 Mbps symmetrical connection, but I'm getting about 250/5 Mb Down/Up through the router (it works fine when I bypass pfSense). This is all on a wired connection, and pfSense and my local PC all both reporting 1000BaseT Full Duplex for their respective links. The only reall configuration I've done is VLAN setup and a few firewall rules for the VLANs, but my test computer isn't part of any of the VLANs and I'm not sure why that would affect anything.

Things I've tried so far with no effect:

1.   Load test. Top claims something like ~25% load on one core when running the test.
2.   Disabling all of the hardware offload options in System/Advanced/Networking
3.   Dropped the WAN MTU down to 1300 from its default.
4.   Checked for Traffic Shaping; it isn't on.
5.   Checked for Limiters; none are on.
6.   Stuck a switch between the SG-3100 and the upstream to check for weird HW negotiation problems.
7.   Enabling PowerD using HiAdaptive
8.   Iperf2 from PC to pfSense. I'm getting about 760 Mbps, which seems a little low, but not 5 Mpbs low. Probably an iperf misconfig on my part.
9.   Checking for interface errors by dumping the config.php logs. I don't see any errors.
10. A different test PC and different cables to the WAN.

Could someone let me know what else I should try? I'd prefer to save the 'reset to default config' option for last.


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