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Just want to add that this is still occurring...

I caught a glimpse of my console before it rebooted after my latest upgrade and noticed that the interfaces seemed to bounce down/up/down/up before the reboot... wondering if this might have something to do with it. Don't know if it was both interfaces (I only have two) or just one bouncing twice. I didn't get a good enough look at the screen to see what interface(s) it was.

It may have been fixed, but after updating to the latest snapshot, I'm seeing it again in my graph. Not sure if it was a result of the outgoing snapshot (2014-09-19) or the newly installed one (2014-09-23 13:29:41 CDT), but it's definitely there.

IPv6 / Re: Any word on 6RD support?
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:34:00 am »
You might do better asking this in the 2.2 snapshots forum under the Development category... or maybe a mod can move it there.

IPv6 / Re: IPV6 no Gateway ?
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:25:31 pm »
how do I learn my clients now that they can also use the IPv6 Connection to connect to the internet ?
The best way to see all active IPv6 devices on your network is to look at the NDP table under Diagnostics (I think; don't have my web config in front of me right now). Sort that table by MAC address so that the link-local and internet addresses are all together for each device.

Unfortunately there's no way to use DHCPv6 under pfSense without having a static IPv6 address on your LAN interface.* But even if you have a static LAN IPv6 address and you mandate DHCPv6 use (via the "Managed" RA setting), there are some devices (Android especially) that will only use Stateless Auto-config (SLAAC) and simply won't get an IPv6 address.

* It's unfortunate that this is the case in pfSense. I know of two other open-source router firmwares - one manufacturer-supported - that support DHCPv6 on the LAN when using PD, though they seem to force the RA type to be assisted so both DHCPv6 and SLAAC are used.

I've noticed that this artifact has stopped when upgrading, but I did a reboot (not part of an upgrade) and had a similar spike in my RRD graphs when pfSense came back online.

EDIT: After updating to new beta snapshot, it appears this was resolved.

2.2 Snapshot Feedback and Problems - RETIRED / Re: DNS Resolver
« on: September 16, 2014, 06:05:06 pm »
Another bump, but also something different...

I recently changed back from ISP DHCPv6+PD to my HE tunnel, and in doing so I re-enabled the DHCPv6 server in pfSense. Anyway... after those changes were made, I disabled DNS Forwarder and enabled DNS Resolver. Pulled my network connection, reconnected it, and now my computer received my router's IPv6 address for DNS, but IPv4 DNS servers point to the DNS servers I've specified in the router.

For reference, my DHCPv6/RA setting is Managed.

2.2 Snapshot Feedback and Problems - RETIRED / Re: DNS Resolver
« on: August 30, 2014, 09:16:46 pm »
I can second the above in bold. I cannot get pfSense to serve itself as DNS, instead it pushes ISP DNS.
Am I missing something?
I'll third this... pfSense is not providing the router's IP address as the DNS server for clients to use when DNS Resolver is enabled. All works correctly when DNS Forwarder is used instead.

Thought I'd mention I'm experiencing this as well. Have an ISP with native IPv6 through DHCPv6+PD... the WAN interface would get its address (it shows in the interface status page), but the LAN wouldn't, and the IPv6 gateway always showed as down. This happens whether I request a /64 or a /60 from my ISP.

As another data point, this worked fine in the latest 2.1 release version on a different computer... I had to use the 2.2 alpha on my current system due to the new version of FreeBSD resolving a kernel panic issue with my new hardware.

I was able to set up a GIF tunnel with static IPv6 on the LAN and it worked just fine, though. So it seems to be something about IPv6 and DHCP.

EDIT: My issue was not related to this; I had a stray IPv6 tunnel gateway left from importing my 2.1.x config. After removing it, IPv6 with DHCP+PD from my ISP is working properly.

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