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I am new to pfSense and I am totally impressed by all the features but the disorientation is not less ;D

Unfortunately I didn`t find a solution in the forum nor the internet for the following configuration:

I installed pfSense as a VM on ESXI 6.0 and configured 2 virtual switches (LAN/WAN) consisting of 2 physical NICs.

This server is connected to a switch which is connected to another switch. On this switch there is the VDSL-modem connected to a port. The VDSL-modem is so far configured as a router (gateway). Now I want to put the VDSL-modem in bridged mode and use it as a plain modem and pfSense for PPPoE & Routing.

How do I manage to tell pfSense where the VDSL-Modem is behind all the switches and the connected devices?
Do I have to set up VLAN tag for VDSL in pfSense and use the VLAN-ID on the corresponiding ports on both switches (switches are VLAN-capable)?


Internet -> VDSL-Modem -> Switch 1 -> Switch 2 -> pfSense on ESXI

Help is highly appreciated ;D

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