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Bump.  I'd also like to know if this worked.
so when you shutdown pfsense via gui for example or command line does your stuff get shutdown correctly?

you can run whatever scripts you want when vmware tools shutdown btw..
NAT / Re: Does PureNAT for Reflection in 2.2.1 even work?
« Last post by johnpoz on Today at 05:58:26 pm »
This thread has already been over

so lets say I have 3 cams


now cam1,2 and 3 all point to your public IP lets call it, and your cameras on the inside are,102 and .103

Are your cameras listening on 8081 and 8082 and 8083 or do you forward to say 80??  Really should forward to the ports your actually listening on. if cams listen on those ports your urls still work just fine be it outside or inside your network.

Also having your cameras open to the public net is not a good idea to be honest.  Why don't you just vpn in and use the private IPs directly.  This makes it simple and more secure..  Nat reflection is to be honest never a good idea ;)
today, I installed 2.2.2 to a hard drive from the .iso, and then restored a backup from 2.1.5. I was getting the same 'Operation not permitted' and 'Unable to start ICMP pinger.' errors in the logs. After a search, I found someone fixing the problem by setting permissions on 'pinger'. He didn't say which pinger, and there are three pinger files on my drive.

I found this file, and noticed that the text's color was weird in my ssh terminal window:


If you set the term colors to 'ANSI Colors on Black' and list the directory, the word 'pinger' glows a dull red color.

Anyway, I set the file's permissions to match that of the other files in the same directory, and the errors in the logs have stopped and the red color has gone as well.
Gaming / Re: NAT Type 3 on PS4 - I've tried everything I can think of
« Last post by jbhowlesr on Today at 05:54:45 pm »
Tried your settings... Did not work. So I read into the issue and discovered that most game consoles including PS4 required Upnp. The PS4 however provides no option to change its own setting so you have to force the console to renegotiate its own connection therefor resolving it's own issue. Since reading this and doing as I have posted, I have no more issues with NAT 3. With your settings, I still had NAT 3. The router is not the issue, it is the console itself. Therefor opening up ports that weaken the security that pfsense provides is a bad idea.

Just incase I trying to apply your setting wrong. Can you explain the steps you took in the above graphic?
Hardware / Re: Verizon 4620L Pfsense 2.1 works great!
« Last post by cturner on Today at 05:53:08 pm »
Would like to add a "Me Too!".
4620L + pfSense 2.2.2-RELEASE (amd64) just works - no configuring other than to turn on tether mode in the hotspot.
It shows up as an extra Ethernet interface to pfSense, no PPP or PPPoE settings needed.
I typically use a MHS291LVW hockey puck that replaced my 4620L (for 2x20 'XLTE' support). Well today I needed to hook it up to a pfSense box. LG VL600 wasn't havin' it - wouldn't take AT strings for PPP. Tried my MHS291LVW in tether mode, pfSense didn't see it. Found your post, and thought "lemme go dig that up from the graveyard" - works perfectly, thank you.
This is most frustrating. Broken since 2.2 and still no fix. This isn't user error. Many people report upgrading from a perfectly working pre-2.2 config and the find transparent proxy then simply DOES NOT WORK. I provided a lot of pointers to the problem being redirection rather than squid itself, but still no resolution.

Who's responsible for firewall redirection on i386?


yap...all non working squids should not be in pkgs list.  :(
Deutsch / Re: Outbound NAT Probleme mit aktivem CARP
« Last post by JeGr on Today at 05:30:31 pm »
An den CARP VIPs liegt es im Normalfall nicht. Die verhalten sich auch nicht anders wie jede andere IP auf dem Interface. Du solltest aber mal die abgehenden Outbound NAT Rules checken, wie die eingestellt sind. Von wo nach wo welche IP genutzt wird beim Umschreiben aufs WAN. Ggf. kannst dus auch posten :)

Doof gefragt: Hast du überhaupt Regeln gemacht, die den gerouteten Traffic duchlassen? Wenn nicht, ist klar, dass das geblockt wird, aber nicht auf der FB, sondern der PF. Ansonsten kannst du natürlich NATten wie du willst, dann eben logischerweise Outbound NAT einrichten und Ziel das Netz mit der FB, Adresse die Interface Adresse der PF im Netz und Quelle von wo du drauf zugreifen willst (LAN_NET?). Aber auch dann brauchst du natürlich ne Regel, die hinterher den Traffic vom LAN zum FB Netz rauslässt.

Hardware / Re: Dell T110 Error Install PFSense 2.2
« Last post by BlueKobold on Today at 05:25:59 pm »
Now. I change my plan about use Dell Computer to install PFSense.
I plan to buy new computer.
Ok that would be perhaps better!

My Idea.
Buy something pfSense would be really matching.

1.) Use ASUS Mainboard and Intel Core i5 Gen 4 and Disable LAN on Board.
150 € board + 150 € CPU = ~300 €
2.) Use Intel LAN Card (Gigabit) 2 card
~50 €
3.) Use HDD Sata III 1 TB.
~70 €
4.) Use RAM DDR III 8 Gb.
~100 €
If have your idea or problem please advice me. ^^
If you need WiFi urgent and a mSATA should be an option or you want to insert
a modem and a SIM slot is needed you can get some new firewalls here:
nertgate Shop
pfSense Shop

If you don´t need this all or want connect a WiFi AP and a SSD or SATA_DOM is also going
you can buy also something to self assemble from Supermicro.
Supermicro  A1SRi-2558F ~260 €
Supermicro Chassis SC101i ~80 €
2 x 4 GB DDR3-1600 ECC RAM ~80 €
Samsung840 Pro 256 GB ~120 €
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