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Dear All,

I'm new here, I hope there could someone help me on this. We are planning to load balance 15 to 25 DSL link or more than,
to a single Pfsense WAN link using Cisco SW w/ VLAN configured. See below diagram.

|DSL2|-------------|SW   |---------|PFSENSE|--------|LAN|
|DSL3|-------------|        |
|DSLX|-------------|        |

Or using normal Switch if the above diagram is feasible, hoping there someone could help me on this.

Thanks in advance
Français / Vos Avis: Wifi et DMZ sur des VLAN ?
« Last post by jackos on Today at 03:17:01 am »

Contexte : autodidacte / pfsense 2.2.2 / switch manageable
j'ai débuté (sous ipcop) et suis depuis avec 3 pattes => Wan/WIFI/LAN (parfois 4 => Wan/WIFI/DMZ/LAN)
je découvre depuis quelques semaines les vlans pour séparer quelques services de la société.

Questions : Vous arrivent t'ils de mettre le wifi sur un vlan (et/ou le dmz) ou préférez vous vraiment les différencier physiquement ?

les plus :
- moins de cablages
- moins de switchs
- moins d'onduleur
- moins de serveurs si ils sont virtualisé (ex proxmox)

les moins :
- si une mauvaise configuration des switch/proxmox cela rend perméable les diférents reseaux
- si une faille de sécurité sur un équipement existe
- si ... vos argumentations!!!

c'est pas vraiment un  problème mais plutot un retour d'experience

Hardware / Re: Another Build and questions :)
« Last post by divsys on Today at 03:16:35 am »
From what I see in the MB specs, it should work.

As always, the final test is to power it up and see....

As for Win7 not recognizing that card, there could be any number of causes - MB, Bios, Win7, rainy days, etc.

A more reliable test would be to try a boot CD w/pfSense 2.2.2 or even a USB stick.
Just run pfSense off the CD and see if it finds the NIC card.
FreeBSD is often much better than Windows at recognizing hardware.

In the end, you'll have to try it out on your new MB and let us know how it goes   :)
General Questions / MOVED: how to Block https sites in PFsense
« Last post by cmb on Today at 02:28:37 am »
Hi webstor,

I've literally just discovered the same issue. Deactivate squid AV scanning and streaming works instantly. Turn squid av scanning back on and no more radio streaming through TuneIn Radio on my phone.

I'm definitely a squid newbie so any assistance from the pros would be really appreciated :)
Routing and Multi WAN / Unconnected PPPoE does not always failover.
« Last post by KurianOfBorg on Today at 02:09:56 am »
I have two PPPoE gateways in a failover group as Tier 1 and Tier 2. The Tier 1 gateway is always left physically unplugged so all traffic should always go through Tier 2. The Tier 1 gateway is permanently in a "Pending" state. However once in a few days pfSense stops routing traffic from clients. I found it's not routing through the Tier 2 gateway even though Tier 1 is permanently disconnected. If I change the gateway to Tier 1 manually it starts working. It also starts working if I disconnect and reconnect the Tier 2 gateway.
My unit is situated in a loft that gets direct sunlight in the afternoon - so far it has topped out yesterday at 53 degrees C. Might look at fitting a couple of 50mm fans on the lid to get some circulation going.

This morning the cpu is a balmy 38 degrees.
Installation and Upgrades / Re: Transparent bridge problem
« Last post by KrisLowet on Today at 01:54:51 am »
I bet it works with MAC passthrough, how should it recognize the settopbox otherwise to give it a public IP?
Portuguese / Backup Usuários portal capitivo.
« Last post by isaias.alencar on Today at 01:24:44 am »
Olá a todos, minha dúvida é como realizar backup dos usuários do pfsense no caso são os mesmos do portal captivo.
Outra coisa existe uma maneira de  eu me conectar remoto na base de dados PostgreSQL do meu pfsense?
Packages / how to Block https sites in PFsense
« Last post by noor on Today at 01:22:16 am »
Dear All,

I am in Big Trouble and Need Help from All Experts.
I am Using Pfsense with Mentioned Packages
1- squid3
2- squidGuard-squid3
and Enabled Transparent HTTP proxy.
Problem is that All Https Traffics are not Blocking so what is the Method how i can block Https Traffic. Http Traffic Blocked by the Squid but how Https traffic will block..

Please guide me in detail i will be very thankful to you .

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