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Many configs along those lines. What you're configuring in P1 and P2, and logs from both sides, would be helpful.
Portuguese / [RESOLVIDO] pfSense travando por um tempo
« Last post by reinaldo.feitosa on Today at 11:07:06 am »
Troquei a memória e o problema foi resolvido.
Tudo indica que o problema não era a quantidade da memória e sim memória com defeito, pois não esta utilizando nem 30% da memória, conforme gráfico em anexo.
Firewalling / URL Table - Update Frequency trick
« Last post by robi on Today at 10:49:46 am »
I needed a much smaller update frequency for a certain URL table (URL alias named "addresses_permit") in my system (every 5 minutes instead of every 1 day).

What I did was:
- install Cron package
- modify the cron for /usr/bin/nice -n20 /etc/rc.update_urltables to */5     *     *     *     * 
- add a new cron with the command /usr/bin/touch -t 1001031305 /var/db/aliastables/addresses_permit.txt also with */5     *     *     *     * 

Since the rc.update_urltables script seems to look for the date of the downloaded file, I'm fooling it by setting the access/modification time well back in the past, thus triggering a forced update each time the script is ran.

Did I proceed correctly?

Actually, my problem was that the txt contains FQDN addresses, which are not resolved every 5 minutes as described in the documentation. Re-downloading the whole table from the given URL alias triggers re-resolving the FQDNs too.
Español / Re: Bloqueo pfsense con CPU 100%, inteffaces de red copadas
« Last post by Aleximper on Today at 10:45:02 am »
Buen día

Encontré en este hilo del foro una posible solución para mitigar:
Romanian / Re: Subnet public rutat print-run IP public
« Last post by vasilenicusor on Today at 10:36:01 am »
ai PM . Merci
General Questions / Re: How can i get 10gb ethernet lan speeds?
« Last post by Harvy66 on Today at 10:34:20 am »
SMB3.1 support multiple TCP streams to increase throughput over multiple interfaces. A multi-port NIC and a cheap managed 1Gb switch could dramatically increase your SMB file transfers.
General Questions / Re: How can i get 10gb ethernet lan speeds?
« Last post by firewalluser on Today at 10:33:45 am »
So I have Verizon FIOS and I pay for 50mbps down and 50mbps up which is about 6.25megabytes per second. However, when I transfer files locally under LAN I get speeds of about 75megabytes per second with scp (75MB/s thats megabytes right?). I also did throughput test a while back although I forget how I did it but I measured to around 1Gbps. So, how do people have things like 10Gbps local networks? I am interesting in increasing my speed if possible. I do not know a lot about networking. All of my cables are CAT6 except for the WAN interface that goes out to my modem (lol I know).

EDIT: I used iperf to do the test and I just did another quick one, resulted in

Code: [Select]
[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  3]  0.0-10.0 sec  1.10 GBytes   941 Mbits/sec

EDIT2: I just realized my NICs are limited to that's where it is. I would have to buy a 10Gbps NIC for both my client and server. Okay, I pretty much answered myself..

Although cabling is generally better today, if you have custom cable runs, its worth checking the cables are terminated and shielded properly, as that can cause massive numbers of retries across a network. A quick & dirty test you can do without any proper cabling equipment is transferring a large file say 1GB in size across the different cable runs ie server to workstations, the one's that it run slowest over are often not terminated/shielded properly.

Always worth getting shielded as well, I've seen power supplies for desktop calculators affect the data across the network cable.

Russian / Re: Вопросы с настройкой прокси
« Last post by flagman on Today at 10:30:22 am »
Добрый день! Если прокси не прозрачный и с авторизацией, как Вы и настроили то он слушает и раздает интернет по порту 3128.
Но порт 80 то у вас также открыт! на интерфейсе LAN/ Закройте его в файерволле
Deutsch / Re: Anfänger Fragen
« Last post by orcape on Today at 10:29:41 am »
was hast Du unter NAT-Outbound für eine Einstellung gewählt.
Gruß orcape
Romanian / Re: Subnet public rutat print-run IP public
« Last post by catalin on Today at 10:29:22 am »
nu am un pfsense la indemana sa iti arat , ai teamviewer  ?
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