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Firewalling / Re: Live monitoring
« Last post by ali1yilmaz on Today at 03:59:20 am »
Turkish / Re: PfSense Makale Serisi
« Last post by sie3834na4 on Today at 03:59:04 am »
Emeğine sağlık.
webGUI / Re: Monitoring (RRD) graphs have bugs
« Last post by ali1yilmaz on Today at 03:56:11 am »
2.4 Development Snapshots / OpenVPN Tunnel ends up in wrong section
« Last post by pete35 on Today at 03:52:54 am »
Latest Pfsense 2.4 Beta Version

When trying to establish an Openvpn Peer to Peer Tunnel with SSL/TLS Authentication between two Pfsense virtual instances, the Tunnel came up and shows up and running. But the Tunnel shows as Remote VPN Tunnel, not with Peer to Peer Server Instance Section.

When trying an Openvpn Peer to Peer Tunnel with shared key, everything works perfectly and the Tunnel shows up in Peer to Peer Instance Section.

Anyone else have these problem?
DHCP and DNS / Re: DNSExit DynDNS Cached IP Problem
« Last post by Gertjan on Today at 03:25:43 am »
Try this : just edit the cache file : replace the with your WAN IP.
Next time, when a DNS update check is done, it won't effectuate a non-needed update against DNSExit.

And two days ago, my public IP changed automatically (expired DHCP lease time from ISP) but the behavior is the same. It never gives me the correct cached IP for DNSExit under cached IP but the actual FQDN (as accessed from the outside) updates automatically. So it seems to me that the only problem here is the display in pfsense. It is not correctly updating the cached IP.
Well ... the idea is that when your WAN IP DID change, the update against DNSexit should work, with some sort of "Success" result. The "Success" result will have as effect :  a new cache file is created with the correct IP.

Normally, where I live (France) our ISP (Orange) gives us (actually :  rent !) the boxes (Livebox or worse : the "Play" version)  that can only do router mode. On my worls I do not need phone suppoprt, neither TV, so I use a basic ADSL2/VSDL modem. saves me a lot of troubles.

Btw : please not : IF DNSexit return somewhat different as the code (dyndns.class) expects (parses !), the update procedure will NEVER work well. This ha sto be checked if everything else fails.
Or, as I suggested : use another DYNDNS supplier ;)
Traffic Shaping / Traffic Shaping bug?
« Last post by jan_lou on Today at 03:05:59 am »
current setup:
  OpenVPN to a remote branch
  multi-wan with flexible limiters on some ports to limit ftp, Git pulls and CVS checkouts


  I successfuly setup limiters on the LAN using the default GW, but if I set the GW to a certain GW, limiter will not work
  Also tried setting the WAN2 as the default GW, limiter still doesn't work

I need some help because our WAN1 connection is currently down and when people use the protocols above, VPN to remote branch is badly affected
Routing and Multi WAN / Re: HTTPS Redirect to different internal IP's
« Last post by NoNameNone on Today at 03:03:41 am »
You need just one reverse proxy (and really only one can listen on a particular IP/port combination). Are you already using Squid as reverse proxy?

At the moment, we are using it as a Forward proxy
PPPoE не падает на самом роутере?
Если есть возможность - переведите роутер в бридж и поднимите PPPoE на pfSense, сравните результаты.
Installation and Upgrades / Re: after upgrade to 2.3.3 ICAP dont work
« Last post by firefox on Today at 02:54:26 am »
well that was simple
it worked
Polish / Re: Jak mocny sprzęt potrzeba?
« Last post by Przemyslaw85 on Today at 02:53:34 am »
Sądzę że dołożenie pamięci RAM powinno w znacznym stopniu rozwiązać problem.
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