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How to know if the IDE header is actually populated? From the sound of it, look like mine doesn't.
IPv6 / Re: Comcast IPv6 PD + PFSense Changing IPv6 Prefixes
« Last post by carpenike on Today at 11:36:10 am »
If Comcast wants to change your IPv6 prefix there is nothing you can do to stop them. It wouldn't surprise me if they change your prefix now and then just to make it hard for you to run a server. Maybe they can sell you a business class account with a static prefix assignment?

Yeah I'm hoping it's not nefarious. :)

Issue is getting the speed/bandwidth on the business accounts. A 100MB line on Business isn't cheap...

Or, if this enhancement gets applied to PFSense then it may resolve my issue.
Español / Re: Bloqueo facebook,, firewall o SquidGuard?
« Last post by rocaembole on Today at 11:34:47 am »
con ese metodo, DNS se pueden poner excepciones tambie?

Firewalling / Firewall setup
« Last post by jeffstu on Today at 11:34:29 am »
This may be in the wrong place. I apologize in advance if it is.

I am trying to set up PFsense as a firewall for my esxi installation.
so I have PF sense running on a VM and I currently have it working with 1 public ip and multiple vm's getting dhcp from pfsense.

I want to add in a few more public ip's and some vlans.

I currently have 1 virtual ip added.
and 2 vlans set up.
I can put vm's in those vlans and get them to get an ip address.
So far so good.

Now i want to be able to route a public ip to each vlan and provide routing/firewall for each vlan.


ip1 > vlan 1 > DHCP/NAT > relevant VM. e.g. ip1 port xx22 to re-direct to vm1 on vlan1 on port 22
then ip1 on port xx389 to re-direct to vm2 on port 3389
ip2 > vlan 2 > DHCP/NAT > relevant vm. same example i guess but with ip2 on vlan2

Hope this is clear as it's quite hard to describe in text.

So far I managed to set up a 1:1 mapping for the virutal ip and have that route to a specific VM on specific vlan / port.
But not sure how or if it's possible to do what i'm trying to do where each vlan has it's own public IP and routes like it would in the origional setup.

I'd rather do it with 1 pfsense vm and vlans than a pfsense vm for each ip as that is the way a colleague first suggested seems like there would be a way to get this to work with 1 pfsense instance.

Thanks for the help in advance.
If I need to clear up any questions let me know.

Hardware / Re: RCC-VE installation
« Last post by frater on Today at 11:27:07 am »
I successfully patched a USB-stick and was able to completely boot a 4G embedded image.
Because I had a mSATA disk I now wanted to try it with the installer.

I made a new USB and patched the 0x2f8 on that install stick.
I could completely run the installer but then after a reboot it did the same as before and I lost terminal access.

I think the installer made a new loader.conf for the SATA-disk and didn't add that "0x2f8" so all output is going to COM1...

Where can I find the source file that the installer is using to make a new loader.conf????

Because I'm not that "BSD" I have difficulty mounting the SATA-disk and changing loader.conf on the installed partition.
General Discussion / Re: Disabling the Router in a Modem/Router Combo
« Last post by pfBug on Today at 11:26:57 am »
I had an old Netgear where you could do this, but you had to manually navigate to http://RouterIP/ADMIN or similar, it was nowhere to be found in the webGUI.

Have you tried a factory reset? I haven't read the entire manual for you but perhaps the option is only available during first setup?

I don't recall ever going through a setup on the SR350n during a hard reset, but I'll try it again this weekend and report back.

WDS is not the bridge you want.

I am only vaguely familiar with bridges. What bridge should I be looking for?
Installation and Upgrades / Re: Physical or ESXI/vSphere?
« Last post by cmb on Today at 11:25:14 am »
Last time i tried carp with vmware we had a lot of packetloss and a the vips did not work.

You have a config issue at the ESX level somewhere in that case. Those possibilities are all outlined here:
Portuguese / Re: Host ou Rede saindo por um gateway especifico
« Last post by Henrique on Today at 11:23:57 am »

Fiz esse teste apontando para o IP da minha maquina ( porem eu não consigo sair para navegação mas o Skype funciona. Segue a print no link:

OBS: Regra esta desativada para eu poder usar a internet.
« Last post by jimp on Today at 11:18:59 am »
When the tunnel is up, I see the parameters used and they match what I have configured in pfSense and the ASA. I'm looking for a way to see what data is sent (maybe raw data) from pfSense to see why there's a size difference in the packet that's sent for the proposal depending on how the connection is initiated. I'm starting to think I might have to do some debugging on the ASA, which I was hoping to avoid.

That should be what gets logged by Configuration Backend, but you can try cranking the levels up even higher.
« Last post by jimp on Today at 11:18:21 am »
I am having this issue where I have upgrade the core pFsense to 2.2.1 and left the remote as 2.1.5. When I initiate connection on the 2.1.5 remote I get this error on the responder:

no IKE config found for, sending NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN

Please start your own thread, it's highly unlikely to be the same issue.
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