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Hi everybody,

I have the idea to mount a pfsense firewall and a openwrt access point to a 19'' rack,
both within one single 1he case.

The two boards are in microatx format or even smaller,  so space shouldn't be a problem.

Does someone have an idea how to get the ethernet ports (FW-LAN, FW-WAN, AP-LAN) connected to front RJ45 jacks ?
I mean all the ports should be able to be patched from the front.

Can someone recommend a solution  / a 1he case for this intent ?

Kind Regards,
Paul :)
Cache/Proxy / Re: Squidguard ext url err page odd issues
« Last post by C0RR0SIVE on Today at 02:51:50 am »
Only way to get a redirect when visiting a blocked https website is if you use MITM method instead of WPAD.  Basically Squid will break an HTTPS tunnel, but isn't able to tell the browser to redirect since you aren't trusting the proxy server to handle the connection.  You are just tunneling through it when using wpad.
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Deutsch / Re: Usermanager Account ohne Admin Rechte
« Last post by krumm on Today at 02:43:19 am »

ich habe eine pfsense box mit captive portal und squid und squidguard aufgesetzt um gefiltertes wlan (blacklist) zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Die Idee war, dass ein Nicht-Administrator die Aufgabe zum verwalten der Benutzer des captive portal übernimmt ohne dabei Zugriff auf andere Systemfunktionen zu haben. Mit dem Thema Radius Server kenne ich mich leider noch nicht aus, würde mich aber rein lesen falls nötig.

Captive Portal / Creating Captive Portal that has Firewall rules
« Last post by asistio04 on Today at 02:18:10 am »
Sorry about this noob question but i am new about here,

Please Help me i want to up the Captive Portal have 1 Firewall Rules that controls all RJ45 pc and Wifi, but the problem is when i enable captive all pc on the office ask about code how will i do that?do i need to assign new interface?
Deutsch / Re: pfSense Auto-Update Dynamic DNS
« Last post by magicteddy on Today at 01:59:12 am »

die DynDNS Konfiguration dürfte ok sein, sonst würde es beim zweiten Versuch ja nicht klappen ;-).
Ich vermute eher das der verwendete Nameserver etwas träge ist und das Update dort noch nicht angekommen ist?

nice -20 bedeutet höchste Priorität für den Prozess, siehe

DHCP and DNS / Re: dnsmasq daemon crashing after 2.2.5 update
« Last post by cmb on Today at 01:57:07 am »
Could you explain the steps you took in more detail? I've installed pkg via ssh into my pfSense box, but not sure where to go from there. When I try to get it to list packages it only lists itself as installed...

Just run:

Code: [Select]
pkg install dnsmasq-devel
webGUI / Re: Installing own ssl cert breaks webgui...
« Last post by paulchen0815 on Today at 01:55:04 am »
Hi all,

thanks for your time and your hints.

In general: I have stored my CA on an USB stick that is stored in a safe and secure place. I don't want to use a security component (pfsense firewall) as a CA, so I am using openssl and xca on a different machine to generate my self signed ssl certificates. I have installed my CA cert on all internal machines and mobile devices.

To my problem: I have created a new Test-CA and have generated a new SSL cert: this I can import and use without any problem in pfsens webgui. Then I have exported again my previous cert and private key and imported this again to pfsense and voila: now it works?!

I don't know, what has been going on, but it works now.

Thanks again for your help!!

Best regards,

Obrigado pela resposta!
Os clientes internos acessam utilizando o próprio ip externo, eu não quero configurar DNS interno pois são muitos sites, somos uma empresa de desenvolvimento web e tenho mais de 200 sites publicados em homologação.
O meu grande problema é que eu tenho esse mesmo servidor em produção e realmente tenho que limitar o trafego desse servidor para não deixar meu link no gargalo.
Na versão 2.1.3 esse tipo de configuração funcionava perfeitamente, após o upgrade para a versão 2.2.6 não funciona mais. Estou quase fazendo downgrade.

Cache/Proxy / Squidguard ext url err page odd issues
« Last post by maverik1 on Today at 01:14:44 am »
I have configured a custom squidguard ext url err page that displays when a user tries accessing a blocked website. It seems to work fine except in certain circumstances.

The following is the ext url erro page. This is served to all systems.

This is my current setup:

Wired systems run on non-transparent proxy, with WPAD implementation.

Wireless devices run on transparent proxy. (WPAD was a huge hassle)

Anyhow, I have created target categories as well as am using shallalist categories.  I have created Groups ACLs for admin computers and non-admin systems. 

Now here is the issue:

A wired system when browsing to a blocked non-https site will display the error page with no problem. Looking in squidguard log tab I is see the following:   Request(Cam_Laptop/blk_BL_searchengines/-) - GET REDIRECT

However, if the wired systems browsers to a blocked https site I do not receive the error page, rather I get the firefox error "unable to connect"  "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"  Looking in squidguard log tab I see:   Request(Cam_Laptop/blocked_sites/-) - CONNECT REDIRECT

So why is the error page working with non-https sites but not with https sites?  Is this a configuration setting issue or a limitation of squidguard?

Thanks much!

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