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I have gotten to the point of stopping apinger then starting it again with better results than a restart not sure why
Italiano / Guida PfSense su Alix 2D13 via seriale
« Last post by brcd01 on Today at 04:43:25 pm »
Salve a tutti,
vorrei installare e testare PfSense su Alix 2D13 con n.1 CF (compact flash) da 1GB e porta seriale, vedi questo link per le specifiche complete

Qualcuno potrebbe indicarmi una guida/manuale passo/passo per farlo?

Routing and Multi WAN / Re: apinger problem
« Last post by grandrivers on Today at 04:37:30 pm »
Apinger is way worse 2.2 for me than it ever was in 2.1.5 bad enough that cant do fail over on latency or packetloss any longer which is what brought me to pfsense in the first place
really hope apinger gets some love before 2.3
General Questions / Re: Port Forwarding
« Last post by Derelict on Today at 04:30:12 pm »
And what states are created.  PM me your public IP and I'll see what happens from here.  These things can be easily tested with telnet.
General Questions / Re: PPPOE issue
« Last post by AMizil on Today at 04:24:57 pm »
It seems that I have a similar problem at one of the sites where I have dual wan ( PPoE and wan 1 and static ip on wan 2). Backup link is over 3G router , slow, but working.

I have received a  notification by email " WAN01_PPPOE is down, removing from routing group dualnet.

Pfsense 2.1.5 32 bit installed on a 2GB kingston usb memory, embeded version with vga ( intel atom D2500cc).

I can't login remote as the second wan doesn't have a public IP :(.

I will check the logs tomorrow.


General Discussion / Recent tweets from the pfSense team
« Last post by gonzopancho on Today at 04:23:30 pm »
"jimptwit: I wish FTP would die the death it so richly deserves, and yet..."

New package for ftp-proxy.
"rbgarga: native-xtools backport'd to stable/10, now it's time to build some ARM ports. #FreeBSD  #pfSense #poudriere"

No promises.  :-X   This also fixed mips-strip.  :-) :-X
Pessoal boa noite, eu trabalho em uma Universidade aqui da Bahia e nós estamos começando um processo de implementação de um web manager para o Radius que será usado para integração com o pfSense para controle de banda via Captive Portal.

Como nunca trabalhei diretamente com o Radius, estou agora verificando como funciona sua estrutura básica de tabelas e já compreendi um pouco sobre os seus atributos (que terei que passar para a equipe de programação).

Minhas duvidas são principalmente:
1 - Quais os atributos mínimos necessários para o login via Captive Portal?
2 - Quais os atributos usados para controle de banda (upload e download) no pfsense?
3 - Como posso fazer para desativar o acesso de algum usuário via Radius?

Agradeço qualquer ajuda que possam me dar.

Att. Tácio Andrade.
General Questions / Re: Port Forwarding
« Last post by KOM on Today at 03:58:23 pm »
Nothing of note in Status - System logs - Firewall that has to do with any of this?
yep, works fine.

thank you.
Packages / Re: Lightsquid on 2.2 should be OK now
« Last post by jimp on Today at 03:54:26 pm »
Not sure about the error at the top, but when I tested it, clients with long, active downloads showed in the list just fine.
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