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Packages / Re: Squid + Dansguardian issue
« Last post by LordCadbury on Today at 03:43:39 am »
Just thought I'd report back. I  did a wipe/rebuild and everything is working as expected.
DHCP and DNS / Re: Problem DNS - LAN
« Last post by gio79 on Today at 03:43:14 am »

I then activated the DHCP server on the LAN, and I have also enabled the DNS Forwarder

Now the PCs on your LAN ethernet card have no fixed address and no DNS and everything works

Now I want to ask if you can block certain sites using DNS that is, for example, if I type this site should not be open ...

I have read on the forums that it is possible to make it through in DNS Forwarder but do not know how to do, you could give me a hand?

Hello and thank you very much
Hardware / Re: Help Selecting Hardware
« Last post by soloam on Today at 03:35:26 am »
Hello all, at the moment I'm going to make my order, my system will be:

MB: Intel DQ77KB
CPU:Intel G530 CPU 2.40 GHZ
RAM: 4 Gb DDR3
HDD: 40Gb 2.5'' HDD
Case: M350 Universal Mini-ITX
AC Adapter: 90W

I would like to:
- WAN Port at 100Mbit, probably more in the futher, but for now that is wat I get
- Gigabit LAN
- OpenVPN
- Squid
- Antinvirus

Will my system work without any problems? I prefer to spend some more money now to be safe and further proof, that spend more in replacing hardware.

Thank you all
Best regards
DHCP and DNS / Re: Problem DNS - LAN
« Last post by phil.davis on Today at 03:31:24 am »
If you are using static IP entered on each LAN client, then you must also enter the DNS. In IPv4 there is no way to just do a DHCP request to get the DNS address.
I suggest that you use DHCP on LAN. Then in the pfSense DHCP server, allocate a static-mapped IP address to each client.
I do it that way for all the known client systems in an office. Then each client always gets the same IP address given by DHCP, and they get DNS server also given automatically.
DHCP and DNS / Re: Problem DNS - LAN
« Last post by gio79 on Today at 03:26:40 am »

clients on the LAN do not want to put any DNS, but all the clients on the LAN must take the DNS automatically imposed on pfSense

This is possible to do it?

thank you very much
I turned off the modem for 30 minutes (the first turn off was for 10 minutes), connected the modem to pfSense, started up the modem.
Mac now has Internet.
Linux has no Internet.
Linux pings Mac.
Linux pings pfSense LAN
Linux pings pfSense WAN
Linux pings modem LAN

Any suggestions on fixing this?
Russian / Re: ttl
« Last post by randreevich on Today at 03:21:04 am »
Машина с Windows тестовая. Сама задача состоит в том, что бы эта машина с Windows не смогла раздавать интернет.

Pfsense работает шлюзом.
OpenVPN / Re: Bug with OpenVPN Export 1.2.6
« Last post by scolland on Today at 03:20:18 am »

I am having the same issue (Viscosity config does not work but the Other inline option does).

If it helps, this is the log for the Viscosity config file:

Apr 23 09:12:36: Viscosity Mac 1.4.6 (1156)
Apr 23 09:12:36: Viscosity OpenVPN Engine Started
Apr 23 09:12:36: Running on Mac OS X 10.9.2
Apr 23 09:12:36: ---------
Apr 23 09:12:36: Checking reachability status of connection...
Apr 23 09:12:36: Connection is reachable. Starting connection attempt.
Options error: --tls-auth fails with 'ta.key': No such file or directory
Options error: Please correct these errors.

The OpenVPN subsystem could not be started. Please check the following:
- Check for any error messages above this notification.
- Make sure Viscosity is not running under a File Vault protected location (put Viscosity in the Applications folder).
- Make sure the configuration is valid. Check the connection settings for the connection using Viscosity and make sure all settings are correct.


Packages / Re: multiple dansguardian instance
« Last post by cutler on Today at 03:19:43 am »
i selected ip address auth. but how it works? in a group, you can associate site, url, .. but ip address ranges can not be associated.
CARP/VIPs / Re: pfsync and CARP failover sequence
« Last post by eiki on Today at 03:18:39 am »
I have a dedicated LAN for the CARP SYNC. The rules are synced correctly to the slave and also the other Configuration Synchronization Settings that I have enabled.

I have a SSH connection from my computer to a server on another subnet routing through the the pfsense (two pfsenses setup with HA/CARP).

If I disable CARP on the master then the slave will take over fast and without any problem and if I reenable CARP on the master then the master will take over again with no problem.
I repeat this several times without a problem.

When I reboot the master then slave will take over, but when the master is done rebooting and takes over again then the SSH connection to the server will drop. This do not happen every time, but if it do not happen on the first reboot it will happen on the second reboot.

I have tried setting outbound NAT to the virtual IP and fiddling with other settings, but it is more like guessing...  So any suggestions what may be causing this is highly appreciated. The pfsenses are running in an ESXi vmware 5.5 server.
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