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OpenVPN / Re: Start, Stop multiple OpenVPN Client
« Last post by Derelict on Today at 04:21:15 am »
Upi would have to write php to do that then call the proper command in the format already referenced.
Unplug them? Disable the switch ports? Shut it down?

Not sure how you expect to access the system with the interfaces disabled. That's generally what the serial console is for.
Firewalling / Re: Weird Problem
« Last post by Derelict on Today at 04:12:25 am »
Nothing interesting there.
Turkish / Re: Oyunlar update yapmıyor yardım
« Last post by kemalakd32 on Today at 03:29:40 am »
Yokmu bilgisi olan bir arkadaşımız
makinalar'dan  oyunlara ve internete girebiliyorum fakat sadece update yapmıyor oyunlar veya proğramlar
in vmware have you changed the vms network interface to point to the new dmz vswitch ?

also have you run the ethernet cable direct to the esxi servers interface or via a switch because if this switch carries anyother traffic ie non dmz traffic youll want to vlan the two ports to segergate these or run it on a seperate switch or direct cable ?
hi there

unfoutuantly i have the same issue as you and have been trying this lately but also am having no luck

on the upside (if you can call it that) i can have the vlans working ssid assigned, so not radius assigned but one ssid per vlan and this all works here as i have it now

basially the differences between our setup and yours is such i have a dedicated interface on the pfsense for vlan trunk seperate to my lan interface to main switch (also handles the vlans) so pfsense to switch two cables one lan one all vlans as a tunk port (i did this as the pfsense is routing to and from lan to vlan and wanted some more bandwidth

the in the unifi i have the ssid set to vlan as you do and on the switch config the vlans are set on the ports bettween aps and pfsense as tagged vlans

one las this reading around it looks like you do not set the vlan id for radius assigned vlans i noticed that in you config you have an ssid with a vlan

hope somehow this helps or someone comes along to put us both right ill keep tinkering in the meantime
one thing i did find on the subject though is this :-
Installation and Upgrades / Moving to virtual server correct procedure?
« Last post by shlomia on Today at 02:52:58 am »
Hi, So today I'm about to move our production FW ( physical pfSense ) to a virtual machine.

Now, Everything is ready and I just need to restore the configuration XML.

My question is, how should I 'disable' the interfaces on the physical pfsense? I want to be able to return back in case of an issue.
Is it possible to disable / enable them through console?
I just don't want to get locked out of web gui after I disable the interfaces.

thank you
Installation and Upgrades / Re: Pfsense 2.4.2-1 don't boot fine
« Last post by red_cat1930 on Today at 02:38:28 am »
pfsense 2.4.2p1 with ZFS on Hyper-v starts without any error after powerloss.
Continue testing...
Polish / Re: Metroethernet Orange
« Last post by Janek_H on Today at 02:38:06 am »
W metroethernet dostajesz pule adresów ip. Co chcesz osiągnąć: routing dla sieci wewnętrznej, przypisać adresy ip zewnętrzne dla komputerów w sieci? Wszystko opisane w dokumentacji.
Not a user of transparent proxy but not sure why adding these as SNI bypass should not work on the recent Squid
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