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Author Topic: Đăng Ký Lắp Đặt Camera Quận 6  (Read 856 times)

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Đăng Ký Lắp Đặt Camera Quận 6
« on: October 12, 2015, 03:07:49 am »
La mot quan noi thanh co vi tri va dieu kien co so ha tang khong co nhieu thuan loi so voi cac quan trung tam cua TPHCM, quan 6 da som xac dinh the manh de dinh huong phat trien va chuyen dich co cau dia phuong theo huong "Thuong mai - Dich vu - Cong nghiep - Tieu thu cong nghiep". De chuyen doi thanh cong, tu nhieu nam qua, quan da tap trung nghien cuu va de ra nhieu giai phap trien khai phu hop va kha thi giup nang cao ty trong thuong mai - dich vu.

Ket qua la toc do phat trien tong muc doanh thu ban le va dich vu qua tung giai doan lien tuc tang len. Voi uu tien ho tro va nang cao chat luong nganh dich vu, dam bao xac dinh day du va khai thac toi da cac dieu kien, loi the rieng co, hinh thanh gia tri khac biet, dac trung dam bao cho cac hoat dong, san pham thuong mai - dich vu tren dia ban quan 6 phong phu, da dang, co chat luong cao de thu hut duoc khach hang, nguoi tieu dung. Theo do, quan da xac dinh thuc hien lua chon, tap trung ho tro nang cao chat luong hoat dong cua cac co so kinh doanh quan trong hien huu de lam nong cot hinh thanh cac dong luc phat trien nganh dich vu.

Nghien cuu cac giai phap ket noi, hinh thanh lien ket giua cac nganh de phat huy va bo sung the manh lan nhau tren co so phai tao dung va dam bao moi truong kinh doanh thuan loi cho DN quan 6 hoat dong. Ben canh do, phoi hop voi cac don vi to chuc ra quan Ngay Chu nhat xanh giai quyet diem rac phat sinh, phat quang tren tuyen kenh Tan Hoa - Lo Gom, tuyen truyen, van dong nguoi dan quan 6 khong vut rac, do nuoc thai xuong kenh, to chuc ngay hoi hien mau tinh nguyen, chuong trinh giao luu van hoa van nghe - the duc the thao gan voi tham, tang qua thanh nien dang thi hanh nghia vu quan su, trien khai hoat dong doi hinh thanh nien tinh nguyen phan ung nhanh, dam bao trat tu an toan giao thong va so cuu nhanh tai nan giao thong, to chuc hanh trinh ve nong thon cham lo thieu nhi co hoan canh kho khan.

I. Dich Vu Camera Quan 6.

Voi su phat trien cua xa hoi quan 6 da keo theo nhu cau su dung dich vu vien thong ngay mot nhieu hon.Thoi gian nay tinh hinh an ninh trat tu tren dia ban ngay mot phuc tap. Cong ty chung toi da trien khai dich vu vien thong cho quy khach hang dang ky lắp camera quận 6 de bao ve an toan tai san, tinh mang nguoi dan. Viec dau tu lap dat mot he thong camera quan sat Quan 6 khong con gi xa la. Boi chung ngay cang da dang hoa ve mau ma, chat luong vao gia thanh cun rat canh tranh. Hien nay viecla nhu cau kha pho bien cua cac gia dinh va ho kinh doanh tai TP.HCM.

Nhung lap dat camera quan 2 lap dat camera quan sat voi gia nao va voi muc dau tu nhu vay lieu rang co nhan duoc cac san pham ung y khong… vi rang phan lon nguoi lap dat camera quan sat khong co nhieu kinh nghiem va hieu biet ve ky thuat cua camera? Day luon la cau hoi ban khoan cua nguoi co nhu cau lap camera. Boi chinh nhung ly do ve an ninh trat tu, Quy khach dang sinh song va lam viec tai Quan 6 nen sam cho minh mot bo lắp đặt camera quận 4, camera an ninh quận 6 de dam bao an ninh va quan sat duoc moi viec dien ra tai cong ty, van phong, cua hang, nha xuong, tiem vang va gia dinh cua minh. Dieu nay se ho tro khong nhung Quy khach ma viec lap dat camera chong trom con gop phan vao cong cuoc bao ve su binh yen cua khu pho Quy khach dang sinh song va lam viec.

II. Lap Dat Camera Quan 6.

Quan ly nhan vien va cong xuong: Giup nang cao tinh than tu giac lam viec cua nhan vien, cong nhan khi khong co mat cua giam sat, quan doc nhac nho. Giup nguoi quan ly giam sat, lắp đặt camera quận 5 moi hoat dong cong nhan, nhan vien, van hanh may moc. – Tiet kiem thoi gian va chi phi: Giai phap nay giup doanh nghiep dieu hanh xu ly nhanh chong, hieu qua khi su co xay ra.

Tiet kiem thoi gian một khi lắp đặt camera běnh thạnh, chi phi cho nha quan ly ve viec quan ly nhan su, hang hoa nhung van dam bao duoc tinh linh hoat va hieu qua – An ninh cho nha xuong: Phat hien xu ly kip thoi nhieu tinh huong nhu: ke la xam nhap va nha xuong, han che tinh trang mat cap tai san, dam bao hang hoa khong bi that thoat. Cac su co nhu hoa hoan xảy ra.
 De dang ky lắp đặt camera quận 1 lap camera quan 6 khach hang hay goi ve duong day nong 0971.620.836.
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Re: Question About building a pfsense box
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2015, 12:18:46 pm »
The general rule of thumb for me has always been, that until you add packages (Snort, Suricata, Antivirus, etc.) or traffic (300Mbps+) needing resources - if you can get it to load you can get it to work.

I've run small home setups with an *ancient* P-III 750Mhz /384MB RAM that was fine for simple OpenVPN connections and general firewalling.
For many installations, once you get past 2Ghz and 2GB RAM it's all gravy (barring the above caveats).

If you have future plans to greatly upscale your internet access, maybe go for more power.
The only other limiter has been NIC brands - Intel gets favoured (with good reason).

Short answer - either of your options will do fine given the limited description of your needs.

Welcome to pfSense and let us know how it goes......

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Re: Question About building a pfsense box
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2015, 12:38:58 pm »
I may recommend taking a look at the ASRock J1900D2Y, it have the same processor, Dedicated IPMI and it have Intel NICs (It is about $65 more than the one you looking at).

I haven't been able to find a straight answer if the J1900 would do good with a 1Gbit connection Plus Snort, Antivirus and HAprox, but for your usage based on your description it should be fine.

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Re: Question About building a pfsense box
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2015, 01:15:05 pm »
As an IT Engineer you may have access to an old notebook or two.  They can make good home and learner  pfSense appliances.  They come with built-in console and UPS (display keyboard, battery). 
The biggest down side seems to be single onboard NIC.  Thus requiring VLAN or adding a PC-Card NIC or USB NIC.  Initially I used a PCMCIA card NIC (yup that's really old).  Then switched to VLAN WAN once comfortable with the configuration.