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Dynamic DNS RFC2136 tracking gateway groups


Jon Gerdes:
The DynDNS client can track gateway groups but the RFC2136 seems to lack that option.

I've just come a cropper trying to get the custom DynDNS client to work with PowerDNS's API which wants something like this:

--- Code: ---curl -X PATCH --data '{"rrsets": [ {"name": "", "type": "A", "changetype": "REPLACE", "records": [ {"content": "", "disabled": false, "name": "", "ttl": 86400, "type": "A" } ] } ] }' -H 'X-API-Key: d41d80000000000000998ecf8427e'
--- End code ---

Still, it was a fun experiment ...

Please could the gateway groups be added to the RFC2136 interface list in the same way as the DynDNS client?

BTW I could make a test PowerDNS server available to a dev if wanted to add support.


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