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I began using pfsense for a few reasons.  Basically, it appeared to me that the normal verizon actiontech routers were purposely designed to allow anyone to crack the wifi and access the router remotely. 

The other major reason was that the ISP provided router did a horrible job with managing static DHCP and seemed to leave ports opened by u-pnp open forever. 

Also, as mentioned previously pfsense can be provisioned with an enormous state table.

After using it, I also really liked all of the added features such as VPN. 

It does what it is supposed to do very reliably and has been doing so for many years now.


--- Quote from: johnpoz on December 04, 2017, 07:31:47 am ---While the ability for any software and your hardware/system to run for such a long time is nice.

That you would run your firewall on software that is no longer updated or maintained is BAD security..  2.1.5 should of been updated when it went EOL..  Its still running esxi 3.5 that went end of extended support back in 2013 and end of even technical guidance back in 2015 is not good practice from any point of view especially security.

--- End quote ---
Agree with everything! This box, however, was only handling internal routing between some private networks. Didn't have access to the internet either - updating wasn't easily possible. Was also a low-priority segment - it's now being killed forever and nothing comes in place.


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