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Author Topic: Cannot connect to PPTP client - pfsense seems to be blocking PPTP traffic  (Read 1661 times)

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I have my pfsense box set up, and the small problem that I am facing at the moment is that I am unable to connect to the VPN service that uses PPTP. I use that to connect to the virtual server but I can't seem to even connect on the home network. When I am connected to any other network, its passing through the traffic with no issues.
Is there something that I had to do on the pfsense box to allow the traffic?

To clarify, I am not using PPTP on my pfsense, I'm just trying to connect to it to access resources on the other end and they use PPTP.
I know that PPTP is insecure and could be decrypted. Its my only way of actually accessing college network to work on the projects by connecting to their servers.

I set up my pfsense box over a year ago and didn't have to touch it. Excuse me for being a noob again.

Thank you!
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did you make sure the rules of PPTP

also if you have PPTP on one pfSense and want to connect to another pfSense box that is also running PPTP it wont work it breaks the GREP

I would run L2TP only issue with that is it wont work on windows 10

I ended up using openVPN and the issue with that too is if your running WPAD and want to connect to another box that runs pfSense you can ping the devices but cannot access the webgui unless you uncheck on the web navigator to use system settings.