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Temperature Fahrenheit /Celsius Option and Alarms

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So there is a couple features I would like to see.  In my opinion they should be pretty easy to implement.  I want the option to display the CPU temps in either fahrenheit or celsius.  I would also like to have it trigger a couple types of alarms.  One alarm option should be to send an email and the other should be to start playing a tone through the PC speaker if installed.

I also noticed that some of the features people have implemented have not been included with upgrades to future versions of pfSense.  I want to have some assurance that this option will not need to be reimplemented on each upgrade or I guess I would want this to be designed as an extra installable package.  I am willing to spend about $75.00 $125.00 on this as of right now.  I am willing to negotiate.


I'd kick in $50 to this too... that brings it up to 175??

I'll kick in $20 just for the Fahrenheit option.

[Edited to Add:  $20 USD sent via PayPal on 12/22/17 after code was successfully merged into pfSense master branch.]

I looked at the code, but I'm a noob with PHP (looks similar to JavaScript though) and a noob with building pfSense.  The conversion from C to F is simple.  I think what looks challenging (to me, as a noob) is to update the GUI System Preferences (maybe in Advanced?  where would the Celsius/Fahrenheit setting look best?) as well as updating the Dashboard with the new F temperature(s) and all the Temp widgets.  Plus that colored meter goes from 0 - 100 degrees C = 0 - 100% so it'd have to be tuned to Fahrenheit as 32 - 212 F?



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