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I haven't paid any attention to my DHCP lease statuses in several weeks, but recently I had need to look at them again and noticed that not all devices (that usually show a hostname) are showing their hostname anymore.  I only have 3 devices on my network that don't provide a hostname in the DHCP handshake and I'm not talking about those.  I have about 6 out of 25 "normal" devices that are no longer showing the hostname in Status / DHCP Leases (and as a consequence, their names are not resolvable by IP).  I know that several weeks ago, all of these devices were correctly showing their hostname and were resolvable via DNS as well (IP to hostname).    In the DHCP system log, the DHCPREQUEST and DHCPACK entries for these devices sometimes show the hostname and sometimes not.  I'm not sure if this is relevant, but the only change I've made to pfSense's configuration during this time is that I have swapped the LAN and WAN interfaces (both in pfSense configuration and physical network cables) and I upgrade snapshots about once a week.  I'm currently on 2.3.b.20160216.1417.  Any thoughts on the issue would be appreciated.  I run some reports that rely on converting LAN IP's to hostnames and those without DHCP registered hostnames are obviously not converting.

It pulls those from the /var/dhcpd/var/db/dhcpd.leases file, which is populated by dhcpd when the client sends a hostname in its request. Sounds like the clients in question aren't sending their hostname.

I do believe the clients in question are sending their hostname as some of the clients have been around a while and have sent their hostnames reliably in the past.  Today, I turned off 3 of the devices and deleted their DHCP reservation.  When the devices were turned back on, everything worked OK.  They received an IP address and pfSense received the hostnames.

On a different but related note, pfSense only allows deleting reservations when it thinks the device is "offline".  Once a reservation is deleted, it immediately marks all other devices as offline and their reservations can then be deleted.  Waiting a few minutes and refreshing will once again show some of the devices as online again.

If you have them as static mappings, you must specify the hostname in the mapping.

The online/offline status there is whether or not that IP exists in the ARP cache.

yesterday, PF DHCP happen stop work,  I have update to 2.3-BETA (amd64)
built on Mon Feb 22 05:50:51 CST 2016  seem work now.


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