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2.3 Gateway monitor not working

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After upgrading to 2.3 the gateway monitor shows down even though it is not.  Tried changing the monitor IP to different outside IP addresses but still shows down. Can ping gateway monitor from the firewall and see dpinger hitting it in logs but the monitor shows gateway down with 100% packet loss.

Have you confirmed the ability to ping the address with the ping command? Assuming that works, try ping with size zero (-s 0) to see if that fails. If ping with size zero fails, you can set a data payload size in the advanced options in System/Routing/Gateways/Edit.

Probably a bug in something upstream of you that's dropping pings with 0 byte payloads. System>Routing, edit your gateway, go to the advanced options, set the payload to 1. Save, apply changes, it'll probably work.

setting payload to 1 worked. Thank you

Works Fine.

Now the ping to gateway is working.



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