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502 Bad Gateway (nginx) after Update to 2.3

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First at all the new Design since Ver. 2.3 looks great!

But since i update to this Version i have the Error "502 Bad Gateway (nginx) in the Browser if i try to connect to the Firewalls GUI. This error comes about after 3-5 days. A restart solve the problem. But this is not the best way!

Can anybody help me how to fix this problem.


Same here.

And now after the upgrade I get some strange errors on the webinterface (see attachment).
Already tried to reinstall the systempackages with Diagnostics > Backup & Restore > Reinstall Packages but it seems it's not functioning too.

Also experiencing the 'Bad Gateway' issue since the update.

Occurring here almost daily and having to repeatedly reboot the system to clear it is not an acceptable option.

There are several threads about error 502/504 . For example,

You don't have to reboot, option 16 at the console will bring it back.

Not that that's acceptable, we're working on fixing any issues there. The one most people seem to be encountering is:


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