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ATT Uverse RG Bypass (0.2 BTC)

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I'm trying to avoid using the gateway provided by ATT. It seems like it's been solved for EdgeRouter and *nix based routers ( Hopefully someone will be able to get this working on pfsense too.

0.2 Bitcoins (~$90) to anyone that can get it done.

i'm willing to talk about this and help if you want.

But first we need to define the problem, and the desired solution.

Having read the linked thread, there are two options:

* Bridge the ONT and RG interfaces filtering to allow only 802.1X packets
* Run an application to Proxy 802.1X packets that are received between the interfacesWhich are you hoping for?

I think the first can be done with a kernel patch.  The latter would be more difficult for me.

Also, if I understand the thread correctly, this solves only the authentication issue, it isn't any configuration for TV or phone services.

Goal is for my traffic to bypass the RG. I have a pfsense box with multiple gigabit ports. I want to connect the ONT and RG to the pfsense box and have LAN traffic on the remaining ports.


ONT > RG > pfSsense > LAN


--- Code: ---ONT > pfSense
      |    |
      RG   LAN

--- End code ---

So I'm not really concerned with any specific option, but I would want to be able to keep my gigabit speed. My box has an Atom C2558 if that matters.

If I provide a kernel patch, are you familiar with compiling kernels in FreeBSD?

I have not, but it seems fairly straightforward. I have a backup pfsense in a vm so the downtime is not an issue.


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