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Awesome! I tried to deploy (with success) but can't get it to provision more than one NIC to the VM.  Any hints on what I should be doing?

I created a new virtual network (for LAN) and added another NIC to the resource group, however when I go to edit the VM I don't see that I can add a second NIC.

- Zac

Azure won't allow you to deploy a VM with multiple NICs unless you use PowerShell to provision the VM and it is only supported on large instance sizes (A3 or larger). There are instructions on the PowerShell commands to deploy a multiple NIC VM here:


The image can only be deployed in "resource manager" mode in azure. Some of the "classic deployment" powershell commands that show up in different tutorials on deploying multiple NIC instances in Azure won't work. You have to look for the links that mention deploying under ARM or Resource Manager.

This is probably a better overview than the one I posted before:

The script linked to in that page is here:

If you are trying to use the script above as a model for launching an instance, you would use "Netgate" as the publisher, "netgate-pfsense-appliance" as the offer, "pfsense-router-fw-vpn-225" as the sku.

This is great news!.

Quick question, when I try to build the VM in Azure , I get the message " Not offered in the region of your subscription" This was a bit of an anti climax as we had been waiting for this release.

Can any one advice what regions this is available in? And when it is expected to be available in more regions?

Best Regards,


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