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I can't get Captive Portal login page in any browser else Firefox

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Why I can't get  Captive Portal login page in any browser else Firefox...
When client try to use the internet throw Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers he can't get the  Captive Portal login page, but if he try to use firefox, it works fine and get the login page ...?
What is the problem?


Browser are all the same. Their settings, not.
pfSense works with all browsers.

Did you flushed the browser's cache ? No Proxy activated ?

More help is possible as soon as you start to give more info. From 'here', I can't see what's up.

Thank you 'Gertjan' for replying, what's is the information which can help in that?
There is not proxy and also I flushed the broweser's cache...
only firefox show the login page but chrome and internet explorer not
I take a look on internet options in the client side all settings are default  .....

Check your default home page in your browsers.
If it's a hpps:// make it http://.... example :

The auto-redirect in captive portal doesn't work if the default page that the browser tries to open is a https one.


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