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Author Topic: DHCPv6 Static Mapping + DNS issue  (Read 502 times)

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DHCPv6 Static Mapping + DNS issue
« on: September 06, 2016, 08:39:32 am »
I've already created a bug report (#6768)for this, just wondering if others might be seeing the same thing...

I have two devices on my LAN with static DHCPv6 mappings... yet when I look up their hostnames, the IP address returned by unbound is not correct. The prefix in the DNS IP address would be the prefix 0 value (x:y:z:7a70::) for the /60 that I get from my ISP... but my LAN uses prefix 1 (x:y:z:7a71::), not prefix 0.

I haven't tried this with my guest network (which uses prefix 5) to see what gets returned in that case.

Edit: Well, I'd love to try it with my guest network, but I can't get pfSense to show me the DHCPv6 leases for that interface so I can get the DUID and create a DHCPv6 static mapping! But the computer has received a DHCPv6 address on that interface...

Edit 2: Still can't get DHCPv6 lease on my Guest interface to show up to try a static mapping there, but I noticed something looking at the static entries... When entering the DHCPv6 static mapping, ONLY the host portion of the address is entered. But I'm guessing that in creating the DNS entry, it appears as though the prefix appended to the host portion is the base (0) prefix, not the proper prefix for the interface that the static entry is being configured on (1 for my LAN).
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