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Proxy server - access control - blacklist problem

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ok then,
please put print screen of your configuration, and put, uumm,,, to blacklist



I'm having the same issue with Squid; where the black list is not working. I have set "" into the black list, and ALL" web traffic gets blocked by Squid even browsing to the GUI itself of PFsense "Localhost" gets blocked, even though I have checked the bypass proxy for local addresses.

I also tested this on the latest platform on PFsense "pfSense 1.2.3-RC1" and the Squid is worst on this one, the tabs are no longer present, there are drop down menus; which are not working on Internet Explorer only on firefox, in addition to the black list not working.  ???

Attached you will find the info of my platform and tests performed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

you can always use the Custom Options under General Settings of Proxy Server:
for sample sites:

--- Code: ---acl blocksite url_regex youporn pornhub; http_access deny blocksite
--- End code ---
this will only blocked if squid sees in URL youporn or pornhub now what if client will ping and use the ip addess in exchange of domain name(
then use dstdom_regex. But its slower than url_regex.

--- Code: ---acl blocksite dstdom_regex youporn pornhub; http_access deny blocksite
--- End code ---

now its up to you to decide. ;)

This problem is just in GUI but squid 2.6 will always work as it should be. For more info about acl and http_access deny visit the wiki page of

In black list have you tried
--- Code: ---google;youporn;pornhub
--- End code ---
it should be with ;


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