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We are finalizing 2.3.3 for release, so we are preparing to test it over the next several days. Unless there is anything obviously missing or broken, the latest snapshots should be roughly equivalent to what will eventually be the release.

So now is the time to speak up if you are having any problems specific to 2.3.3, especially regressions in behavior from 2.3.2_1.

It's also a good time to update your test systems or anything else you have running 2.3.3 and give it a good shake-down.

I'm working on the changelog and redmine entries, I'll drop links here once those are available.

2.3.3 Changes:

2.3.3 Open Issues (Currently 0):
2.3.3 Feedback Issues (Currently 0):
2.3.3 Closed Issues (Currently 114):

Roadmap (100%):

I reviewed all of the commits on RELENG_2_3 that differed from RELENG_2_3_2 to generate the changes, which took quite some time. There might be one or two entries that overlap 2.3.2_1 but I tried to catch them all.
I also tracked down related tickets and moved them from 2.4.0 (or wherever they were) to 2.3.3.

I provided the pull that fixed #6751 and #7206. I have not had a chance to setup a snapshot VM for testing 2.3.3, but I do not believe that 6751 will work without 7206. At least for my AWS region/account, the AWS3-HTTP authentication no longer works, necessitating 7206. However 7206 requires a change in how the ZoneID field is used and I'm not sure if you would consider that appropriate for a bugfix release. I've been running a back-ported custom patch against 2.3.2_1 (both 6751 and 7206 combined) w/o issue but it does need that UI use change.

Don't recall seeing these in the new features, changes and fixes.

Graphs / Monitoring
 Refresh interval option
 Types (Bar & Area)
 Last value zero fix

Ah, yeah. The monitoring page is setup as a package so the changes there didn't turn up in my search since I was only looking at the pfSense repo.


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