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In order to provide a better forum experience for our customers, we have decided to offer a separate board just for official pfSense hardware. All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

You can purchase official pfSense appliances from the pfSense store or Netgate store.

You may have though of confusion. I purchased recently a SG-1000 (which works happily so far) and have already noted in my password manager three entries:

* SG-1000 WebGUI
* This forum
* Netgate sale supportWhen something went wrong with my recently-acquired SG-1000 (an update going sour), I felt like asking for advice from the Netgate sales support, which referred me to this forum given that I had not "purchased rights to after-sale" (which IMHO is a creative, and wrong, legal concept). So I enquired from the forum and the forum helped. My blessings to Netgate.

In my opinion, a fourth animal (like "Netgate forum"), would increase this confusion I felt and still feel resulting IMHO from Netgate's resistance to support the expensive products that it sells.

Just my 2c.


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