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apu2 led control?

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on older alix i could turn off the front leds, is there any way to do the same for apu2?


Ok so it seems it's going to take a while to end up in pfsense, btw is it ever possible to turn off the led on the nics, not that I have seen any system do that so far but just curious.

The other issue I'm having is I installed the full 2.4 on the apu2 and the bios is set to 115200 as well as pfsense but just the part when pfsense boots and gives option for single user mode etc, it comes all messed up so can't figure out a way to enable trim on the ssd as it needs going to single user mode.

That's a BIOS bug. Try with 4.0.7 (or the experimental 4.5.5).

P.S. Trim in enabled by default on ZFS, so not really sure whether the messing is worth the time.

im on the 4.0.7 already and its happening there only.

well during install i selected UFS so is it recommended to use UFS or ZFS, i read that UFS has a bunch of issues. Im currently using RAM disk for /var and /tmp on UFS currently


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