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Please add feature (Gateway) like as V.2.0


Please add feature (Menu Gateway) like as Pfsense V.2.0  on Pfsense 1.2.1.

Thank you.

I have problem umm..

I have 3 wan(1pppoe and 2 stactic gateway) and 1 lan. But my pfserver(computer) have max interface 3 Network (2 PCI Card +1 Onboard)
1.WAN > PPPOE (gateway1)
3.OPT1 > Static IP/Gateway  to router (Gateway2- and (Gateway3-

How to settine rule for Gateway3.
I found feature on Pfsense On 2.0 Alpha Alpha and it work.....

1.2.1 is a bugfix release. No new features. If you need the new features, use 2.0 and deal with the fact that it may not be stable.


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