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How to connect pfsense WAN to a wireless access point

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I'm trying to get my pfsense box to connect to my network to work as a bridge, like this: (( WIRELESS ACCESS POINT )) <---> PFSENSE BOX <---> Switch with devices attached.

There is NO way to connect any cables from the PFSense box to the access point, the connection MUST be wireless.

Is there a way to connect the PFSense box I am using as the WAN interface to the Wireless Access Point?

I have 2 USB wireless cards, the mobo NIC and a PCIE NIC

(I'm also new to pfsense :P)

Any help or referral to a solution is much appreciated!

Hey DrClutch,

I've read your dilemma, and think I understand. I've (poorly) drawn out a network map for you that I think is what you have and how to fix your problem. I think you need another wireless device, specifically for bridging. and set it up in like an ad-hoc or similar fashion with your existing WAP. See the attached image and let me know if it makes sense.

I reread and forgot about the part where you do have other wireless adapters. typically i think those would work, but from what I've read wireless on pfsense is garbage.

Hope this helps

I would also like to know the steps, the details about using wireless as a WWAN to a AP that requires at minimum password to sign on. I live in Hotels, I constantly am traveling. I generally do not get a room anymore that has wired Ethernet to plug a router/firewall into. I usually have at least 3 or 4 laptops and a client laptop to use with this one connection as I need my private LAN between my machines. I fixed up a HP Thin client with pfSense 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1 and it is imperative I am able to configure the settings in the web interface to connect to the access point as my firewalls WAN port. All the articles and YouTube videos I watched all centered around making a AP with an attached Wi-Fi card or something like that. I should have done this 2 years ago when I bought a gold membership but i became so busy I didn't follow it up. So then it should be as easy as STEP 1, STEP 2, STEP 3... The WiFi card is available in the WiFi tab after I add it under "Interfaces Assign", I use run0 (some MAC Addr), Mode BBS, Description (Internet WWAN). Next I go to the OPT1 settings, WHAT do I configure here under each section? General the network is open and there is a login page that is not much problem, but how do you configure if password is required to connect to the AP OR if the AP is at the client site they will have certificates and generally user/pass with enterprise radius authentication???  A BIT OF HELP HERE FOR THE SCENARIOS WOULD BE GREATLEY APPRECIATED, i KNOW i AM NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WHO WANTS TO CONNECT MY WAN PORT TO AP BY WI-FI built into my pfSense machine!  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

You may not like this advice.. But to be honest if your lively hood is travel around and wanting to leverage local wifi networks as your wan, etc.  Pfsense most likely not the best suited product currently.  You should prob look into something like a cradlepoint.  There are other cheaper "travel" routers as well.

This is designed to easy use wifi as your wan.  Along with - and here is the big plus!  Cell connections as the wan - so you can just pop in your sim or sims even on some model with multi carrier support,  etc.  It can plug into wire as well, etc.. With all the connection options for wan and the built firewalling and switching capabilities they make for great devices to drop into a location that needs internet now, or for someone that travels a lot and needs a device that can connect to many different options.

Sure you could build your own with pfsense as your router/firewall.  Use of a cellular modem, wifi device to connect to the wifi in the area, etc.  But this does not seem to be pfsense goal in creating something that is easy to connected to multiple wan technologies.

To me if I wanted a device that would make sure I could have a firewall/router/switch in 1 device and connect to pretty much any sort of wan I would look at cradlepoint..  Don't get me wrong I would suggest pfsense in almost any other setup.  But pfsense/freebsd wifi is not great and has no such integrated LTE support, etc..

In all your travels I would guess that having the ability to just jump on a LTE connection would be good option - many hotel wifi is just utter shit ;)

I'm not looking for advice on what is good or what commercial router to use, what I am looking for are the directions I asked for. In the meantime I have purchased a wireless bridge, however I really don't want to be lugging another piece of equipment around. I have tried several times to connect to various networks, the best way so far I have found is to call the adapter wan from the beginning on the console but I am missing some still on the authentication end, someone has to know as someone created the interface so why can't they share what they have in their head when they designed this beast and I'm wondering if they ever looked at how others have done it for example ddwrt allowing a scan then you can select the access point you want to use... Anyone??


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