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pfsense under MS Hyper-V - how to apply a kernel patch


RC2 Has a bug where by if it is run under Hyper-V, whenever the virtual machine is shutdown or rebooted it hangs with Hyper-V reporting the machine as 'Stopping'. I am assuming that RC4 has the same issue.

It is being caused by a bug in the FreeBSD kernel and there is a fix and a workaround. The workaround (documented on the forum) is to use a script to kill the virtual machine. This is what I am doing but it is not an ideal solution. The fix is to apply a patch to the BSD kernel.

Is there anyway to apply this patch without creating a whole new release, create a special Hyper-V compatible release or include it in the main release? Is there any way to apply it to an existing installation?

I know it is odd to want to run it like this but it is really needed for my configuration.

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Info on the fix / patch is here:


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