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Author Topic: Openvpn extrem slow even without Excryption on 2 1GB/s connections  (Read 102 times)

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Here i have 2 Servers within 2 Datacenters  (Storage place) with 1 1GB Connectsions to the net.

When i do i Iperf (without VPN betwenn this 2 PFsense Devices i get: arround 700-800Mbit/s

Wen i do same tests with iperf within the openVPN of this 2 Devices i get arround 130-150Mbit/s

Even when i disable Excryption for testing i dont get much more then 170Mbit/s

I played arround with some Settings found on the Net

I played with different MTU Sices Fragmentation, Rx/TX Buffer  but nothing realy speed up the connection.

I can  understand that i dont get the max rate (700-800Mbits/s) but 150Mbitīs seem to much too low...

I played with some advanced settings as i wrote for hours but nothing realy speed up VPN dramaticaly - also if i disable Encryption

I dont undertand this issue ...

Can anyone help me ?

Best regards


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Re: Openvpn extrem slow even without Excryption on 2 1GB/s connections
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2017, 09:14:51 am »
OpenVPN, by its nature, is slow. There is a lot of context switching and using tun the way it does takes it along a very inefficient path compared to IPsec.

You'll need to be specific about exactly which options you have in use on the VPN on both sides or nobody can offer better suggestions than what you may have already tried.

One thing you didn't mention, though, assuming it's pfSense (or at least UNIX) on both sites, and using UDP, you should try "fast-io" in the advanced options.

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