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Smartphone poll: which OS and brand?

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Mr. Jingles:
Hi all  :)

I'm trying to find out the real intrinsic core value argument. It comes from this: I have a Sony Xperia Z2, a very nice phone, but I'm waiting for a new original replacement battery - for 4 weeks now... In addition to the fact that Sony did not update Android after 6.0... ('apparently' something do with the CPU, but that is not my problem, but Sony's problem).

So, Android means 'freedom', yes, theoretically it does, but if the manufacturer refuses to update Android (even, as Sony does, not even security updates...(!)), then it's not so cool anymore...

So, I'm looking for arguments for Apple, or for Windows, or for Android, but then another brand than Sony.

Hoping people will respond to this poll en masse  ;D

Thank you :)

Mr. Jingles:
I took Android and Sony because Android = freedom and Sony is A-brand and Xperia Z2 = their high end line. However, I got it with Android 6, and Sony never upgraded it, not even with security updates. The audio is marvelous, it has close to stock Android with little bloatware (albeit some), it is high quality built, water proof, NFC, etc, but now my battery needed to be replaced and I am waiting for a new battery for 4 weeks. Without my smart phone for 4 weeks. All together, A-brand Sony isn't an A-brand anymore to me.

I prefer iPhone (have 6S)

But the wifey is extremely happy w. her new OnePlus 5 -


Mr. Jingles:
Thank you, I was interested in WHY ;D


--- Quote from: Mr. Jingles on September 02, 2017, 01:31:40 pm ---Thank you, I was interested in WHY ;D

--- End quote ---

what is WHY ?


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