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Slow Web GUI with many VLAN Interfaces - 300$

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we have pfSense system with about 350 VLAN interfaces.
As stated here: : and here: the GUI becomes very slow and assign_interfaces.php becomes unusable.

There is already a bug report: where this problem is described, but the Fix got moved to pfSense version 2.4.1.

We will pay 300$ if this can be fixed within the next two weeks, since we will add another pfSense system with that number of interfaces.
At the moment we add,edit or remove interfaces via the developer shell, but this is very annoying.

Some more information about why we need so many interfaces:

We manage a modern student dorm with about 300 apartments. Each student has its own separated ip subnet (via VLAN). The VLAN Tag is either assigned via dynamic RADIUS VLAN assignment (WLAN) or via the Switch (untagged LAN Port at the apartment).

After loggin into the WLAN, students can easily stream content from their smartphones/tablet to a connected AppleTV/Smart TV etc.
There is also KNX Smart Home technology added so that students can control their lighting, heating, jalousie, sound etc. via Smartphone/Tablet/Voice.

pfSense hardware:
Xeon E3-1240v6 4x 3.70GHz
16GB DDR4-2400 ECC RAM
MB Supermicro X11SSH-LN4F
Chelsio 10Gbit T520-SO-CR
WAN: 1 Gbit/s Up/Down Business Fiber Connection

If there is more information needed I'm glad to help.
Thanks in advance!


Try these files (back up your existing ones first!) On my testing with 100 VLANs, the page load time is about 6-7 seconds vs 14-15 seconds with the default pages.

All functionality should still be present and working.

Files: /etc/inc/

EDIT: updated archive with bug fix below.

EDIT2: another bug fix

Has this helped at all?

I have to do a little bit more testing the next days but on the first look it's great!
I can open interfaces_assign.php again now and it's a lot faster.
After more testing I'll pm you  :)

When I add a new VLAN it doesn't show up on availible network ports to add a new interface.

bug squashed :)

files: /usr/local/www/interfaces_assign.php


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