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Kill OVPN client connection

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I get an error:

An error occurred. (-1)

when I attempt to kill an OpenVPN client connection on my APU server box status screen.
This never used to happen prior to 2.4.0 upgrade.

It seems to work for me here, is it still broken for you on 2.4.1?

What is the exact mode of the server?

Where exactly do you see that error message? On the page, in a javascript alert box, in a log, or somewhere else?

Any errors in the logs?

I should qualify this. It fails when Remote Access into web page.

Possibly to stop you from inadvertently disconnecting your own Remote Access VPN Tunnel.
However, I cannot kill another OpenVPN connection.


I don't see any errors in the logs. Is there somewhere in particular I should look?

There is a message in the OpenVPN Log:

Nov 29 12:47:21   openvpn   93516   MANAGEMENT: CMD 'kill'

Not really an error messgae though

Error message occurs on webpage.
Snap shot of error message attached.


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