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SNMP reporting incorrect (double?) the bandwidth usage



I've just set up a new SG-3100, and using SNMP sensors in PRTG to monitor various statistics, including bandwidth. The reported bandwidth in PRTG seems to be double the actual use - I'm seeing 20Mbps where it should be closer to 10Mbps (I wish it was 20!).

I'm using a Multi-WAN setup, with policy-based routing, so I'm not doing anything fancy with load balancing etc. Both WAN links (WAN/mvneta2 and OPT1/mvneta0) seem to be exhibiting the same behaviour.

The RRD charts in the device itself seem to be correct.

Any thoughts?


This issue was found after the release of 2.4.1 and it is already fixed for the 2.4.2.

Ah, ok thanks! I'll await the update then...



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