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a failed update initiated from the web ui appears to have "bricked" SG-2440

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1. update to 2.4.1 was initiated via the web ui
2. the page reported that update failed
3. when I tried to navigate to a different page, it could not connect
4. cannot ping the configured lan ip
5. cannot ping the default lan ip (in case it reset itself)
6. factory reset (per does not work (there is no reboot after holding the reset button)
7. its not completely dead, lights (status, ethernet) come on
8. trying to do a console session, but the docs are not very clear (

It sounds like there was a problem during the upgrade. You may be able to recover from the console but it's usually quicker and safer to reinstall the firmware.

The 2.4.X installer has a function to recover the config file if it can you can try that if don't have a backup of the config.

The reset button triggers the factory default config to be loaded, it's the same as running the factory default from the GUI or the console menu. It does not replace the filesystem so if that is damaged or incomplete it cannot recover using that.


I installed the 2.4.1 ADI image and applied the saved config.

There is a serious flaw with the current default upgrade process.  It does not appear to download and validate all upgrade packages before starting the upgrade.  In this case it aborted in the middle, leaving the system partially upgraded and unusable.

Is it possible for the web initiated upgrade to use pre-downloaded and pre-validated packages/image on a USB?

I've experienced the same thing with 2 different SG-2440 boxes. It's been a struggle to get them up and running again, too. I managed to get the first one up, but the second one just doesn't want to install from USB. I've connected a terminal and just get garbage, so I can't actually see what's going on!

Garbage on the serial console is usually a bad baud rate setting at one end but it could be some other console setting potentially.

The Coreboot output from an SG-2440 will always be at 115200bps but the output from pfSense once the kernel loads can be changed. By default it would also be at 115200 but if you have previously restored a config into that box it might have been set to something else.
You can try some different cons0ole speeds, 9600 or 38400 are most likely. You can also override any setting at the boot loader prompt:

--- Code: ---set comconsole_speed="115200"
--- End code ---

Other console settings can be set there also:



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